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Critique of Music Research Assignment Paper (Article Critique Sample)


Specific concert analysis to cover:
It is vital to evaluate group / individual performances so that each proceeding performance will progress and develop. In your written evaluation remember that you need to comment on all areas that need improvement, as well as on areas that you thought were done well. Use the following questions to shape your concert review.
Non nobis Domine - Byrd
Requiem - Gilkyson arr. Johnson
Esto Les Digo - Kinley Lange
Har, I Hear the Harps Eternal - arr. Parker

Constructive critique of the performance
Give an overall (general) assessment of our performance.
What are (minimum) three (3) constructive criticisms that you can make of the performance of each of our pieces?
What are (minimum) two (2) things that were done well in each of our pieces?
Your impact on the performance
On a personal level, assess your individual contribution to the success / lack of success of the performance.
What are the next steps that need to be taken (minimum of three) in order for YOU to improve for the next concert?
The ensemble's impact on the performance
What are the next steps that need to be taken (minimum of three) in order for the ENSEMBLE to improve for the next concert?

As a conclusion to your review, answer these final questions:
How effective was the performance?
What did you appreciate and why?
Was there anything you disliked and why?
What did you learn from this concert?

To ensure that you cover each topic well, create and demonstrate fully your awareness of the importance of all musical elements, and describe clearly connections and influences:

¯ Follow the above content guidelines
¯ Demonstrate your understanding by using musical terminology, Italian terms, technical knowledge and theoretical knowledge throughout your assignment
¯ Include the following in your discussion: rhythms, styles, articulations, phrasing, balance, blend, instrumentation, and dynamics.
¯ Using statements like “I found that… because …” will help demonstrate your ability to analyze and evaluate the performance
¯ Clarify the statements you make by answering the question “why” fully!

Critique of Music
The performance brought back the Old Catholic church theme with the low tone instruments and beautifully aligned acapella. Songs such as Requiem - Gilkyson arr. Johnson and the others all having a deeper meaning the concert was quite emotional. In Requiem - Gilkyson arr. Johnson, it was noted that the bass was drowned by the sopranos making them barely heard. Some of the vocalists began before the others bringing on the lack of coordination at the beginning of verses. Finally, some of the vocalists seemed to be mixing their voices between soprano and alto. The performance was quite admirable as the message behind the song was noble. As for Nonnobis Domine by Byrd, the performance had the same issues as that of the previous one, a lack of coordination amongst the vocalists did not follow the lead of the conductor and the bass was barely audible. The Esto Les Digo by Kinley Lange performance was better performed, however, at the high tones, they did not deliver as expected. The conductor’s instruct...
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