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Introduction to e-Manufacturing (Article Critique Sample)

ARTICLE SUMMARY: You will be required to turn in one article summary. The assignment is to be submitted as an .rtf or .txt file under the assignments tab of Blackboard on the appropriate date indicated on the course calendar. There will be a discussion on the articles during the dates specified on the course calendar as well. The article should come from a journal or magazine that deals with Manufacturing and or Quality type issues. THIS REVIEW SHOULD BE TYPED IN 12 POINT FONT, DOUBLE SPACED AND GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT; NO CONTRACTIONS, WRITE IT AS IF IT IS GOING TO BE REVIEWED BY YOUR BOSS(ES). This is the format that should be followed: Your name Name of the class (Manufacturing Operations) Semester Author of the article. (date year). Title of article. Magazine Title, volume of magazine (number of the volume if applicable), pages Do a summary of the article. Be prepared to discuss/tell the rest of the class about it and defend your views if needed. (the Discussion Board) Critique – comments about the article (was it well written, easy to understand, what did you get from it, was it something reputable, stupid, insightful, thought provoking, etc.) If the article brought up any questions to you write this question here. (We have a lot of expertise in this class maybe someone could help to clarify this.) If appropriate format is not followed no credit will be assigned. source..
Your name
Name of the class (Manufacturing Operations)
Koç, Ni. and Lee . (2004). Introduction to e-Manufacturing. SME Manufacturing Magazine, v. 127(4), 10pages
Introduction to e-Manufacturing
Web-based technologies has greatly impacted design, manufacturing and end product services. The current competition in any industry including manufacturing industry encapasses the manufacturing process and ability to give all customers comprehensive solutions and cost promotion the better sustainable value.
Manufacturers are mandated to improve their action and efficiency. This includes product and service development, all operations, accurate resource distribution and utilization transparently. Hence the production procedure should have good quality control. Manufacturers need to meet and control the ever changing world demands of different customers. Traditional manufacturing philosophy is n...
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