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Article Critique This Was Always Our Home (Article Critique Sample)


choose two newspaper(about native american ) articles. focus will be on critiquing the article- not summarization. aspects to consider. how is message being conveyed? what is the authors perspective? do you agree or disagree? why ? how does this topic relate to class(american indian studies)?
Online Resources:
Indian Country Today
Reznet News
National Congress of the American Indian
National Indian Health Board
National Indian Education Association
National Indian Gaming Association
National Indian Justice Center
Native American Rights Fund
Native American Journalists Association
National Indian Child Welfare Association


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October 2, 2018
Article Critique
An initial reading both of the articles which were written about Native Americans would show that each of them has a different approach towards how they deliver the message to their readers. Notably, this difference in approach could be seen in the tone and perspective of each of the author. On the one hand, the article entitled “Fuel Costs Squeeze Services for Native American Tribes,” written by Wesley utilizes a neutral and narrative tone in conveying the message. His article describes merely how the lives of Native Americans are being affected by the rising commodities such as fuel. Moreover, in doing so, he mostly employed statements and direct quotations from citizens which are Native Americans.
On the other hand, the article wri

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