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The historical project (Article Critique Sample)

You are required to write a three-page (750 word) critical review of your selected article. The selected main texts are challenging. They require that the reader pay close attention to the argument, to the use of evidence and in some cases the language used to support ideas about architecture such as its “criticality” or its “disciplinary autonomy” or its “ideological implications”. Further research may be required. Certainly you will need to provide cited evidence to support your critically argued review. This is what our professor asked us to write...So there is an article (a introduction of a book) that you should read it and then criticize it in a way that I explained above. In addition there are two supporting texts as well that you should use that articles as well in the writing. Thanks a lot source..
Article Critique: The historical “project”
This book examines the legacy of the architectural historian Manfredo Tafuri with a major emphasis on the introduction of the book titled The Sphere and the Labyrinth: Avant-Gardes and Architecture from Piranesis to the 1970s (1980), where he coins the ideology of the “historical” project being an open construct that is capable of reactivating the past events in its particular reading of the present. History is actually reinvented and redefined as a complex and shifting plurality and not just a given comprehensive and monolithic whole (Stoppani, Para 1). However, this paper will discuss a critique of the historical “project”, particularly the introduction part.
Article Critique: The historical “project”
The author creates a notion that history in itself as a re-construction is initially a deconstruction, decomposition, as well as analysis of the various pieces that actually provides the elements for the specific new montage. In this perspective, history is seen to be active and not just determined by the various objects that are analysis but also through the determinants of the various realities that it recomposes and deconstructs. Acting on the non linear and multiple times, the particular history is capable of producing the future, while on the other hand it offers itself as an always intrinsically and provisional analytical construct that is endless. The author continues to stress the need of acknowledging the irreducible tension that exists between the particular analysis as well as its objects, which the author indicates to have the ability of making the historical project to be always a project of crisis. According to the author, it is essential to multiply the various principles in the context of the research of a unitary principle (Stoppani, Para 3).
The work by Tafuri is the most significant theoretical historians as well as critics of urbanism and architecture, presents a critique of the traditional approaches to the historical investigation and the criticism in a particular penetrating analysis of the discourses of the architecture and the avant-gardes. The author actually probes the existing line between ideology and reality, the gap that is placed by avant-garde ideology between its translations and its own demands into techniques, the various ways by which avant-garde comes to a compromise with the world, as well as the conditions that actually permits its existence.
Interweaving the intellectual modes and models of consumption and production, the author constructs a very ...
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