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The Versailles Treaty After Sixty Years (Article Critique Sample)


Article: Marc Trachtenberg, “Versailles after Sixty Years,” Journal of Contemporary History 17 (July 1982), 487-506.
The abstract will be between 300-400 words, based upon the required articles cited in this syllabus.


The Versailles after 60 Years
The Versailles after 60 Years
Impressively developed, with simple language to understand by the author, this article looks at the Versailles treaty after it was signed in 1919. It is very informative on how prominent historians, scholars, and leaders like Kennan, George Lloyd, William and Levin interpreted this article about the severe punishment given to the Germans. While others promoted the idea of cruel punishment against Germany, others were entirely against it. Those against it either wanted to protect their interests like George Lloyd or were after the benefits of the entire world. For example, when Clemenceau developed this article, he believed that Germany, which appeared to be immensely threatening and powerful to other st

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