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The Myths Of Reparations: Uncertain Situations After World War I (Article Critique Sample)


Article: Sally Marks, “The Myths of Reparations,” Central European History 11 (September 1978), 231-255.
The abstract will be between 300-400 words, based upon the required articles cited in this syllabus.


The Myths of Reparations
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World War I reparations were compensations imposed on Central Powers during Paris Peace Conference after their defeat on the battlefield. The Allied and Associated Powers were forefront in imposing those reparations on Turkey, Hungary, Bulgaria, Germany, and Austria, and all these defeated states were asked to make payments in the form of cash as soon as possible. This paper highlights how Hungary, Turkey, Bulgaria, Germany, and Austria found themselves in trouble after World War I and how they struggled to get out of uncertain situations.
It should be noticed that some of the defeated nations paid no reparations, such as Bulgaria could pay only a fraction of what was asked or ordered. As a result, this nation saw its reparation figure decreased and then canceled.

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