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Critical Reading (Article Critique Sample)


you must write a 4 sentence précis for each of the readings, the directions for the précis are attached. and you also must write one paragraph on something you thought was noteworthy in the reading, all must be labeled separately


Critical Reading
Reyner Banham, in his book titled the "theory and design in the first machine age" (1980) asserts that ‘The Modern Movement' which is also called ‘The International Style', was one of the most dominant architectural design and style having lived through decades and graced some of the most crucial buildings around the world. Further argues that, although the fall of the style is largely attributed by its use by organizations and entities that do not recognize the true value behind the style rendering to its loss in meaning, it did not start out like this. To back this claim, Banham reviews the various developments that led to The Modern Movement style and why it fell in the end. He evaluates the various styles over time and their historical significance leading to The Modern Movement and then towards its fall after three decades of domination (Crocker, 2015). His purpose is to establish and explain to the audience the elements of change that dethroned the style even after such a long time as one of the most influential styles in architecture, especially considering other styles do not last as long. From the evaluation of the language used in the article and the reference to architectural history and terminology related, it is clear that this is a book that directed at well-educated persons preferably in the field of architecture, civil engineering or other interested parties in the field of architectural styles and designs.
K. Michael Hays in the edit...
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