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Article Analysis Social Sciences Article Critique Paper (Article Critique Sample)


1.The concept of ‘queering’ ecology is both relatively simple from the position of the two authors in this lecture, but at the same time it is also complicated by the very notion of ‘queer’. Based on discussions in class, and the readings, themselves, discuss why its so simple and so difficult to adopt this idea of a queer ecology. Finally, compare and contrast your discussion of the idea of queering ecology with the question of contemporary gender/feminist ecology in HWH chapter 26.
2. In discussing how landscape, nature and wilderness are constructed, the two readings by Greider and Garkovich and McDonald, provide both theoretical and historical perspectives on broad concepts of landscape and nature and the specific historical construction of wilderness in the western world and the United States in particular. Discuss these constructions. Finally, examine these constructions against the case study from the Peets and Watts chapter on Purity and Pollution. How are constructions of the wilderness and efforts by environmentalists, both historical and current, in the United States complicated by the notions of purity and the racialized concept of ‘whiteness’.


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The ‘queering’ ecology concept is relatively simple from the position of the two authors, although it still appears complicated by the perception of ‘queer.” For instance, Gray (2017) explains that the queer concept fails to dismantle and subvert the priori heteronormativity assumptions such as the natural claim that is often taken for granted. Queer theory emerged from social construction of nature, which indicates that nature enhances the existence of ecology. Queer bodies live sustainably with the rest of humanity on the planet, and provide a rational comprehension of the environmental stewardship. For example, individuals who belong to the LGTBTQIA society are not the only people that suffer from discrimination and violence because of being heterosexuals. 

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