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Rubric For Group Journal Club Reports: Perceptual Characteristics (Article Critique Sample)


The purpose of this paper is to improve your ability to critically analyse scientific research published in a peer-reviewed journal, and to improve your scientific writing ability. The paper will have two main components (an initial submission and a second, revised submission), and will be based on a specific research article that focuses on either object or face perception (you will be provided with 2 object perception and 2 face perception articles, and you must choose one to write your paper on). The initial submission is due at the beginning of class on February 28. In the initial submission, you will need to: a) evaluate the content of the article, and b) form your own opinion of the research presented in the article.
Assignment description starts at the "Grading Rubric for Group Journal Club Reports" section, ignore the Analysis paper section


Group Journal Club Report #3
Focus has been turned to investigating the “perceptual characteristics” of steam/bounce displays. In recent times, studies have been directed at attempting to identify moving objects. Matsuno & Tomonaga (2011) conducted a study to determine the effect of depth cues and stream/bounce perception on chimpanzees. The researchers used chimpanzees in object tracking in order to determine their stream bounce perception characteristics. The authors note that stream/bounce perception refers to an uncertain motion event where two identical objects move towards one another, completely overlap and then pass each other. The objects are perceived to have bounced off each other or streamed past one another. They arrived at the conclusion that stream perception of chimpanzees was not dominant. However, the researchers established that using cues could help promote their stream perception. The study established that there were significant similarities and differences in stream/bounce perception between chimpanzees and humans.
The experiment involved using six chimpanzees that were either under 5 years old or in their late twenties. I believe this is not a good distribution of age and could not be used to depict the whole chimpanzee population. The researchers should have gone with chimpanzees that were also in their teens to determine if they would depict the same behavior. Visual perception normally slows with age where older chimpanzees experience visual inhibition that might affect the speed with which they process information. Additionally, not all the chimpanzees were involved in the experiments for unavailability.
The choice of the apparatus was also critical for the experiment. The researchers used CRT monitors with wave touch screens. This was critical bec

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