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Media Critique Conservation of Canadian Forestry (Article Critique Sample)


For this assignment you do not need scholarly articles, it can be any media source from websites, e-journals, articles etc,. I have attached the instructions for this assignment (Instructions-media critique). Please make sure its free of spelling and grammar errors and be very concise and exact on the arguments u present. 
Sources, doesn't matter how many but please make sure that you find proper ones. some of them are on the instructions sheet. 
Media Critique: Forest conservation is a contentious issue and opinions on the best uses of our forests differ dramatically among stakeholders. The objective of the “Media Critique” assignment is to have students engage with the ongoing commentary on the variety of issues related to conservation and forest land usage. Details on the assignment are provided on instructions.
I have also uploaded the class outline and class pdf's which might get you remember what the class is discussing. U have the ones for the first half in the last order but the remaining lectures are here.


Media Critique- Conservation of Canadian Forestry
Media Critique- Conservation of Canadian Forestry
Canada forest conservation opinions differ. The contentious issue in Canada forest conservation is how to balance the ecological integrity with the socio-economic needs. Various ongoing commentaries talks about different views related to conservation and forest land usage. To understand the current situation of forest conservation, it is important to analyze the three current issues related to forestry and forest conservation such as the human impact like harvesting and silviculture. Some of the ongoing debates include forest certification in Canada and sustainable forest management. To understand the current issues related to forest conservation and sustainable forest management in Canada, some of the media commentaries are presented by various agencies. Human Impact Based On Harvesting and Silviculture
In a press release by the Government of Canada through the Department of Natural Resources, the press release is in response to criticism over the disappearance of traditional forest products (Government of Canada, 2105). The government acknowledges that historically, humans have actively manipulated where they stay including the environment to fulfill their needs and necessities. In summary, human impact on landscape started way back with land clearing for agriculture. By then, land utilization was limited to firewood gathering. As population increased during the industrialization, with advanced technology, timber harvesting became more than a local interest. The efforts of expanding forest management outside the direct vicinity of a settlement are the beginning of landscape management. Increasing human population has resulted in industrial demand for wood in Canada and outside Canada. There is a need for application of forest management procedures (Government of Canada, 2105). The government has initiated a forest sector transformation process in addressing some of the challenges cited by stakeholders using new technology and product diversification to remain competitive and stay economically sustainable. According to the statement released by the government, forest transformation process does not mean that traditional forest products industry is disappearing (Government of Canada, 2105). The traditional industry is important because it makes wood affordable and offers stable wood supply. To maintain a stable wood supply involves renewing harvested stands to fully stocked stands especially for valuable species as quickly as possible .managing existing stands to maximize product quality, quantity, and value.
In the statement presented by the government, Canada strongly supports their commitment to forest conservation. For instance, the article states clearly that some of the research findings by the Canadian Wood Center includes hardwood boreal and great Lakes St. Lawrence forest zone mixed woods that has proven to be successful in minimizing forest degradation (Government of Canada, 2105). The target audience are the forest manager and policy makers who need to adopt strategies for lowering production costs at the same time increase volume and quality of raw materials produced, maintaining landscape-level ecological function ,diversity, and sustainability (Government of Canada, 2105). The article fits in the ongoing discussion about forest conservation concerns and the issues being raised by various stakeholders. Other perspectives of forest conservation are presented; the article clearly states some of the ongoing efforts to maintain a stable wood supply at the same time converse the environment (Government of Canada, 2105). A press release is direct to the point; it states the facts and measures that are in place to address the issue at hand. This changes my percep...
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