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Access Wall Street Journal Article (Article Critique Sample)

Access Wall Street Journal and write a 1 page review of 5 different articles that cover the following subjects: Economic Growth Federal Reserve Banking Unemployment National Debt Monetary Policy Fiscal Policy Social Security Gross Domestic Prod Inflation Interest rates Exchange Rates Federal Budget Keynesian Economics Foreign Econ. Iss 1. On the top of page, provide the article title, authors name, date of publication and article\\\'s section and page number or web address. 2. On the next line down, type the topic of your articles(all caps and bold format). 3. Double space and explain the authors purpose for writing the article. Why he/she wrote it.? 4. Summarize the article, focusing on the discussion of the topic the article discusses. 5. Every economic situation will contain unintended consequences that may be either positive or negative. Discuss the unintended consequences of the author\\\'s article. 6. Combine all of your 1 page reviews into a single word document. Only original work, will be plagiarism checked. source..
Running Head: Article Summary
Article Summary
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1st march, 2013.
1 Cliff Deal Seen Hitting Growth by Phil Izzo on January 10, 2013 from
This article is written by several authors is response to the experienced short falls of the fiscal cliff. It is reaction by economic students expressing on the consequences of the shortfall and come up with solutions to assist in the fight against the cliff. The first scholar Jeffry Sachs from the University of Columbia says that the government is spending the 23 percent of the gross domestic product. The percentage includes 13 per cent as mandatory transfers to social security, food, Medicare, the veterans benefits of retirement, retirement benefits for the military among other recurrent expenditure that the government goes through each of the financial year, 2 percent is the interest, 4.5 percent to the military for the purpose of national defense and finally 3.5 goes to the civilian programs that are meant to keep the civil service in form. The negative unintended consequences are that the taxes amount to 16 percent of the total gross domestic product (locally produced goods which amounts total of the goods) which alternatively would have 17 to around 18 for a strong economy. The President Bush had issued tax cuts which are thereby leading to the decrease in the government revenue. The tax cuts are what are leading to the failure by the government to be able to cater for the bills. That is the only solution to avoid the decline. The above consequence in consideration of the fact that the government is still some more money in war and the budget are what are inducing the fiscal cliff.
2 Bernanke Affirms Bond Buying by Hilsenrath Jon. on February 27, 2013 from
The article talks about the importance if the Federal Reserve to continue buying bonds for the purpose of keeping and stimulating the economic growth. The treasury bills bonds and notes are a safe way of investing in an economy as they are usually backed by the government. Last year, the bonds had increased to the climax of the demand. By buying the bond, this will be like releasing the funds to the economy. The spending will assist in the recovery of the economy of the country which it is not in good state. Though the government should monitor the way it is spending to avoid pumping so much money into the economy. The consequence (positive) is that the government will be assisting in the economy recovery and bring back the investment back to its initial level. The employment condition of the employers will also improve given the fact that there is money to pay them and also to assist in the process of restoring and improving their workin...
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