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Examine and Critique a Scholarly Article Related to Mobile Computing Challenges (Article Critique Sample)


Conduct a critical review of one of this week


Article Critique: “Balancing Strategic Interests and Technological Requirements for Mobile Services” by Haaker, Faber and Bouwman
Article Critique: “Balancing Strategic Interests and Technological Requirements for Mobile Services” by Haaker, Faber and Bouwman
* Describe the problem addressed. Why is it important? Is this an agreed-upon problem?
In the article, Haaker, Faber and Bouwman (n.d) present an important problem often faced by firms developing business models that are relevant in mobile industry. Today, it remains a complex issue since different actors are required to balance various design needs. For instance, stakeholders from the technology, service, finance and organization domains are required to contribute towards developing a viable business plan for mobile services. While the importance of these domains has been recognized, there is scanty information regarding their interactions. It is an agreed-upon problem since players from both industry and academia have paid a great deal of interest in culminating the issue and improve the success rates of cooperation between firms and reduce the costs and risks met while introducing new mobile services. The authors, therefore explore various ways through which two of the domains: technology and organization act to make the design of business models successful within the mobile service industry.
* Describe what was accomplished by the study. What was not achieved?
In the study, the authors tackle the problem of defining a business model, which in the domain of mobile service industry, has little consensus. Many a time, some researchers relate business model with the models of revenue flow, while others denoting the term to the creation logic of value while launching novel business initiatives. However, little effort is made in proving a perspective on inter-firm collaboration in intricate value networks because a number of approaches are largely focused on business models relevant to single companies. The study focuses on service offerings that find a need for inter-firm collaboration and emphasizes on business model as an important blueprint for cooperation within network organizations in the capturing and creation of value from the standpoint of technological innovation. In this perspective, Haaker, Faber and Bouwman (n.d) show how business models are designed within the industry, while considering both the network value and customer value that is often hard to achieve due to the conflicting design needs and user requirements. While significant effort is made towards creating a robust network value in the study, the authors cover little content regarding the development of customer value, which is the ultimate goal for designing business models.
* Describe the methodology the study utilized. Was it appropriate? Justify.
The authors take a three-step approach in the study by first building a conceptual framework that describes the critical design variables within the mobile service industry. Secondly, an analysis of different business models within the industry is made through interviews and case protocols. Particular

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