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Food Supply Chains: Coordination Governance And Other Shaping Forces (Article Critique Sample)


Locate a peer-reviewed article (related to the course content) published within the last 60 days in a peer-reviewed journal from the online library, then present a 2-3 page assessment comprising of a precise and critical evaluation. Do not summarize the article. Evaluate the information presented in the article.
This assignment has many benefits. First, it requires a search of indexing and abstracting databases from the online library to find an article that meets the specified criteria (must be related to the course content). It also emphasizes what a scholarly article is; to discern between scholarly and non-scholarly writing; to condense someone else's lengthy argument into a concise report; to think critically about what has been read by assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the research; and, thus, to become participants in the discussions regarding the Supply Chain and Logistics profession.


Article review
Institutional Affiliation
The article, “Food supply chains: coordination governance and other shaping forces,” by Anna Carbone discusses the concept of supply chains of food products. Anna seeks to deliberate on two key aspects that influence the food supply chain. One is how the manner in which shareholders are entrenched in the mechanism of supply either by the organization modes or through the type of governance affect the operation and performance of food chains. Second, she enumerates various types of agro-food chains seeking to show that the density of the supply chains necessities to be addressed and implicit to raise their competitiveness and capability to reward all participating stakeholders (Carbone, 2017, pp.2 ).
The discussion by Anna sheds light on the role the relationships preceding the process of marketing play in the organization of production. Researchers indicate that for firms that specialize in farming and processing food to effectively market their products, “they have to be part of networks that not only spot the market (Carbone, 2017, pp. 3),” to help in the selling of products. The research begins by explaining the food supply chains as hybrid institutions. It alludes that agri-food sectors organize themselves in coordination modes that enable them to perform tasks that firms with specified conditions cannot accomplish on their own. According to Anna, the diverse market approaches of food supply help in understanding better the various factors present in the market that limit its range and effectiveness and determine why diversity is necessary for the world.
The research by Anna is correct in asserting that the supply of food based on the outlined

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