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The Origin of Neadbertals (Article Critique Sample)

Dear Writer, The following points must be included in the critique summary: 1. Why was the study conducted, or why was the paper written? What gaps in knowledge or understanding was it intended to fill? 2. What hypotheses were tasted or what research was reviewed? 3. What are the results or conclusions? 4. Who do the results or conclusions shed light on broader issues? 5. What questions did the paper raised for you? 6. What potential methodological problems or flaws in reasoning did you notice? 7. What are some alternative interpretations of the results? 8. Other comets. Please make sure that the sentences are short, simple and direct. Thanks. source..


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(14, October, 2010)

The Origin of Neanderthals
This is an article review of the article “The origin of Neandertals.” which was published by “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. (PNAS) and authored by Hublin, J in 2009.
The Neanderthals grouped as H.neandertals were Hominids with close resemblances to the modern man (Homo-sapiens).They had a protruding jaw, forehead that was receding and a weak chin. Compared to Modern man they had a relatively large body which is related to their large brains than that of modern human. It is believed that Neanderthals roamed on the Earth with modern human beings(Homo-sapiens).This is evidenced the fossils found in the middle East that suggests the ancestors of Modern humans(Homo-erectus) lived with and alongside this Hominids.
The paper was written to trace the origin of the Neanderthal Hominids in the based on the documentation of fossil records that were yielded from the Western Eurasia which highlights the both the middle and late paleistocene. This is in the support of the acquired paleogenetical data and the archeological data.
Basing on the hypothesis on the time divergence that used the paleontological and paleogenetics of both H.sapiens and H.neanderthalensis to establish the information on the separation of their lineages, the hypothesis based on the metrical and non-metrical characteristics that were interpreted and dated in determination of the phenotypes of the middle Pleistocene.
The paper raises several questions for instance where the powerful but extinct member of the H.neanderthalensis subspecies came from to Europe is not properly known. If Homo-sapiens originated in Africa while Neandertals in Europe then how did this two come to be the origin of modern man?
The analysis of the archeological evidences provided creates confusion as to who between the two Homo-sapiens and Homo neandert...
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