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The Archaeology of Ancient State Economies (Article Critique Sample)

Dear Writer, The critique should contain, but should not necessarily be limited to, the following points: 1) Full citation of the piece being critiqued. Place the citation at the top of the page. 2) Identify the main goal or goals of the paper. What are the broad questions or specific hypotheses being asked? Are they theoretical, methodological, cultural historical or a combination of the above? 3) Identify the main assumptions and/or definitions used. These may be unstated rather than stated, but try to figure out what is behind the propositions presented. Does the author betray any particular bias or theoretical school (with its own assumptions) that is important to understand the direction of the argument? 4) Discuss the reasoning, argumentation or rational used in the discussion. Does it make sense and is it supported by evidence? If so, what is it? This can address the relationship between method and data if it's a scientifically oriented article. If it is a theoretical piece than you should identify the rationale, philosophy or reasoning used. 5) Identify the main conclusions or opinions reached by the author 6) Finally, what is your evaluation of the article? This is where you demonstrate your own thinking and insight about the author's views. Look for the good and the bad. This is an important component of the critique. source..
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The main views in this article are about insight studies of how the economy evolved in the earliest days, classical and modern days. This review and thesis is compared to the modern economies and the complex aspect of evolution. The author has also highlighted on the traditional economies and clear insight on current social, economical and political dispensation. According to the author, the ancient economies like the Greece and Rome emperor have important data that has been ignored for a long time but it is of great value that can transform the current economic trends if well utilized (Smith, 2004).
According the author, the methodologies employed and the hypothesis used are outdated and cannot yield any change in the development of the economy unless they adopt and synchronize the techniques used during the ancient times in Rome and Greece emperors.
The historical and cultural backgrounds are as important as the way that emperor grew in terms of agriculture, population, local industry, long distance trade and expansion of coinage. The author is categorical that for the economies to grow now they have to engage the skills of ancient economies which is a force to reckon with. The author asserts that only the primitive ones will not link the s...
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