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Evo-Devo- Evolutionary Development Mechanism (Article Critique Sample)

Dear Writer, 1)Clarify the major themes and ideas discussed in the 8 attached references files. 2)Put these ideas in a coherent order. 3)Make the writing clear, accurate and thorough. 4)Make the sentences simple, short and direct. Thanks source..
Themes and Ideas: Evolution Development
Evo-Devo- Evolutionary Development Mechanism:
In this article, Bonner (2000) notes that Evolutionary development Biology is a discipline which is concerned with discovering and being able to understand the role of the changes in the development of living mechanisms in the origin of the phenotype. The Evo-Devo therefore explains how the phenotypes which were multiple life history stages arose in many organisms from one genotype. The scientist notes that the changes which occurred in the positioning and timing of aspects of development in a very descendant relative to an ancestor (Heterochrony and heterotopy) were the two main mechanisms of development identified by Ernst in 1870’s.
The Spandrels of San Marco and the Panglossian Paradigm: A critique of the Adapatationish Programme-S.J Gould and R.C Lewontin
Evolutionists in the Continental Europe have never been attracted and interested to the Anglo-American Penchant which atomized the organisms into various parts and tried to explain each part as a direct adaptation (Lewontin, 1978). Their general alternatives existed both in weak and strong form. Major theorists, Remane, Grasse, and Schindewolf advocated for the strong form in which under natural selection, the adaptation programme best explained the superficial modifications that fitted the structure to the environment. They sought to know why giraffes have long necks; ducks have webbed feet and why the moles are blind. The construction of the Bauplan and the transition between the Bauplane is one of the major important steps of evolution and which must have involved some other internal mechanisms and other unknown variables.
Evolution of Character Displacement in Darwin’s Finches:
Hendry (2005) proved that species can always have evolutionary effects on each other which results in the ecological character displacement. He proved that it led to divergence in exploitation of the resources and traits s...
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