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It's all in your head (Article Critique Sample)

Dear Writer, The following points must be included in the critique summary: 1. Why was the study conducted, or why was the paper written? What gaps in knowledge or understanding was it intended to fill? 2. What hypotheses were tasted or what research was reviewed? 3. What are the results or conclusions? 4. Who do the results or conclusions shed light on broader issues? 5. What questions did the paper raised for you? 6. What potential methodological problems or flaws in reasoning did you notice? 7. What are some alternative interpretations of the results? 8. Other comets. Please make sure that the sentences are short, simple and direct. Thanks. source..
It's all in your head
Running head: It's all in your head
This main objective of this paper is to investigate into the mechanism through which craniofacial growth and deformation occurs. In addition, it is aimed at causing an understanding of the processes controlling this type of a development. It also seeks to establish the repercussions of disrupting such processes as well as the importance of such information on the basis of species diversity. There has been a wide gap of knowledge that exists because of ignorance about what laws of variation are as well as the mechanism of how a craniofacial develops. People always give diverse views and reasons as to why different body parts differ, both in morphology and physiology, though, these are always our own assumptions. The intention of this paper is to eliminate this gap by elucidating the main stages that are involved in the whole process. The null hypothesis being tested is; craniofacial multipart variations are as a result of adaptive radiations due to occupation of different positions in the ecological set up; faces show a great phenotypic deviation from one another (Tapadia, 2005).
The review makes general conclusion that the cranial facial development involves complex molecular pathways that are controlled by the neural crest, ultimately leading to facial structures. This understanding of the craniofacial morphology is significant in that all will gain a better understanding hence combating the contradicting ideas that have been put forward to explain the process. The future theorists will relate their propositions to the already acquired knowledge. The future researchers intending to conduct their research on the same will have an easy time as well. Although this has been put forward, I am left to wonder whether those who hav...
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