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Evolution of Character (Article Critique Sample)

Dear Writer, The following points must be included in the critique summary: 1. Why was the study conducted, or why was the paper written? What gaps in knowledge or understanding was it intended to fill? 2. What hypotheses were tasted or what research was reviewed? 3. What are the results or conclusions? 4. Who do the results or conclusions shed light on broader issues? 5. What questions did the paper raised for you? 6. What potential methodological problems or flaws in reasoning did you notice? 7. What are some alternative interpretations of the results? 8. Other comets. Please make sure that the sentences are short, simple and direct. Thanks. source..
Running head: LIFE SCIENCES
Article Critique
Purpose of conducting the study
The study aims at explaining the fact that competitor species may exhibit evolutionary properties on one another which causes displacement of ecological characters. They develop divergent traits of resource exploitation so as to optimize use of resources. This means that when two or more species which are competing for same resources live in the same environment over time, they tend to develop changes in their characters which enable them to maximize on the resource use (Peter, et al, 2006). An example of this is changes on beaks or jaws. The species with the ability to develop the suitable characteristics for survival is capable of dominating the environment.
Tested hypothesis
Living organisms develop divergent traits of resource-exploitation due to interspecific competition so as to maximize exploitation of resources which are necessary for their survival. Other hypothesis may be; there is a relationship between development of divergent resource-exploiting characteristics and competition for common resources between organisms.
It was found out that when competing species existed in the same environment, resource depletion occurred. The species therefore tended to develop characteristics suitable for optimum resource use such as changes in beak or jaws. The species which developed highly suitable characteristics was in a position to exploit resource optimally where as those unable to develop the suitable characteristics would become extinct over time.
Conclusions’ effect on broader issues
Development of suitable characteristics so as to win competitors enables species to undergo evolution over time. They acquire characteristics which enable them to adapt to their environment effectively by exploiting resources effectively (Peter, et al, 2006).
Questions raised by the paper
How is it possible for species to change physical characteristics over time without crossbreeding? Could the change of traits be as a result of crossbreeding between competitors?
Methodological ...
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