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Importance of site and significance of architecture in the community (Article Critique Sample)

This assignment should also consider history of architecture by thinking through these topics: Avant‐Garde/ Modernism/Politics: redux ,Making the Tradition ofModernism: exhibitions,books, and polemics ,CIAM:Dissemination of Modernism ,Housing the Colonial Subject, Form/History/Rationalism ,Systems and Cybernetics, Program, Scale & Event Territory vs. Narrative ,Systems and Cybernetics. source..

Importance of site
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Importance of site and significance of architecture in the community
Sites which are created by the architects are the proposed places where the construction work will take place. It helps in storage of materials and also tools storage. However, it accommodates the workers in the construction work and this means that it supports the community which is taking part in the building and construction. The architects usually construct a physical site in the proposed land which is to be used in building and this site is used for all the intended purposes of the construction work. Site construction also involves fencing the area which is to be utilized and also putting building marks which will guide the constructors (Conway & Roenisch, 1994).
Architecture encourages individuals and motivates them to tackle the most important and difficult tasks in life. However, they are also involved in designing of good houses which are appealing to members of the whole society and hence, giving people shelter. Their work is of great importance and they are viewed as designing habitable buildings. Architecture brings out what the community decides and what they would like to see and by this I mean that architects are used by the society to bring out their own imaginations into reality. When one wants to have a house, he/she will have he design but can not design it and hence, he/she has to make use of an architect (Garner, 1992).
In conclusion, sites are very important and they are constructed by the architects to be of use to the society. The archite...
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