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Quantitative Research Analysis on "Perceived microaggressions in health care: A measurement study" (Article Critique Sample)


APA 7th edition Quantitative Research Analysis on my article "Perceived microaggressions in health care: A measurement study"
1. Identify the topic/area of research.
2. Describe the significance of the research problem.
3. List the research gap(s) that the authors described in their article.
4. Explain the link of research problem, study purpose, research questions, and/or hypothesis. Did the researchers do an adequate job of describing the research problem and explaining the study purpose, research questions, and/or hypothesis?
5. Examine the selection of research design with rationale.


Analysis of the Research Article
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Analysis of the Research Article
The Topic Area of the Research
The topic area for the research is ”microaggressions against the people of color in healthcare.” The study notes that people of color have been subjected to marginalization because of oppression arising from racism. Such a social problem has had a measurable effect on the quality of health among such people. The research further indicates that racial discrimination is still a widespread phenomenon in healthcare. While the challenge continues, the healthcare system and professionals have ignored the impacts that instances of discrimination could instill on the health of the victims. The study acknowledges the challenges associated with studying racial discrimination in any operational setting. It, for instance, notes that racial discrimination can be expressed both subtly and in more obvious ways. Hence, conducting a study should accommodate insightful inputs into multiple paradigms, including factors such as age, socio-economic status, gender, and level of education, among others. Overall, not many inputs have been dedicated to this topic leading to a possible deterioration of the health of the people of color caused by avoidable causes.
Significance of the Research Problem
The study by Cruz, Yubelky, and Cruz (2019) bears notable significance to contemporary healthcare practice. Primarily, it is notable that healthcare is advancing beyond the confines of diversity. Every person deserves to be treated fairly in healthcare facilities despite their uniqueness. Unfortunately, people are still subjected to discrimination in healthcare facilities. With this study, stakeholders in healthcare are accorded a wider understanding of microaggressions in their operational settings. Part of the reason why this revelation is important is that the noted aggressions can be hidden in subtle behaviors. A practitioner could indulge in discrimination without noticing. This research encourages practitioners to reanalyze their behaviors and deliver the ultimate care to their patients.
The value of this study is also anchored on the impacts that it could bear on the health of the victims of microaggressions in healthcare facilities. Cruz, Yubelky, and Cruz (2019) hypothesized that cases of microaggression, if executed by professionals, could trigger stress disorders, anxiety, and depressions. Put simply, microaggressions can trigger long-term health concerns to the victims. Failure to address the problems imply indulging innocent service-seekers into illnesses that could easily be avoided. With the findings of this study, professionals can reanalyze their subtle discriminative behaviors, learn, and adhere to the ethical tenets of healthcare practice. Besides, the research gives professionals an insight into exploring individual biases to deliver better outcomes in their practice. Ultimately, Cruz, Yubelky, and Cruz (2019) create an avenue for further studies into microaggressions in healthcare. The researchers in this article have opened a platform for advancement, which is

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