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NSG 3036: Introduction to Nursing Research Qualitative Critique Paper. (Article Critique Sample)


NSG 3036: Introduction to Nursing Research
Qualitative Critique Paper
(100) Sections to be Addressed Areas for Consideration
10 Points 1. Research problem The purpose and significance of the study.
Is the research problem clearly stated?
Indicate if a conceptual framework was used to “frame” the study and how is it linked with the question/purpose.
10 Points 2. Review of the literature (ch.5)
Types of literature used in the review (primary, secondary, seminal). Are the studies used within the article conducted within the last 5 years? How are the studies in the literature review related to the topic of interest? How does the review provide support for the need for the present study? Compare and contrast the major findings in the literature review).
10 Points 3. Research design Identify the research design and why was a qualitative method most appropriate to study the phenomenon of interest?
10 Points 4. Sampling Identify the sampling strategies. How were the participants selected? How was the sample size determined?
5 Points 5. Ethical consideration How were human rights protected?
10 Points 6. Data collection Explain the data collection process.
10 Points 7. Data analysis How was the data analyzed?
10 Points 8. Rigor (trustworthiness)
(Ch. 14)
How did the researcher maintain trustworthiness? (credibility, confirmability, dependability, transferability)
10 Points 9. Findings (themes/sub-themes) Identify the themes/subthemes. Are study limitations identified?
10 Points 10. Nursing implications What are the strengths and weaknesses of this study? How will this study impact your nursing practice? 
5 Points 11. APA 6th ed. Format The paper, cover & reference pages must follow APA 6th ed guidelines & include correct spelling, grammar & sentence structure.
also sending the last papers corrections she gave so you know what she is looking for.
same as before 2 resources the paper itself and the houser book


Qualitative Critique Paper
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation

Qualitative Critique Paper
Research Problem
The primary purpose of “The Role of the NICU in Father Involvement, Beliefs, and Confidence: A Follow-Up Qualitative Study by Gesine Hearn, Gina Clarkson, and Matthew Day” was to describe and explore confidence, involvement, and beliefs that fathers with infants admitted in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) had after their babies were discharged home. The exploratory qualitative study uses a longitudinal perspective, and the research problem is stated clearly. Indeed, it applied a three-component theoretical framework, availability, engagement, and taking responsibility, which adhered to the standard procedures of the grounded theory.
Review of the Literature
The study by Hearn, Clarkson, and Day applied both primary and secondary literature while examining the research question. The three-component model was a seminal study. The articles used within the article were not conducted within the last five years. The oldest material used was published in 1987, and the latest in 2019 (Hearn, Clarkson, & Day, 2019). Studies in the literature review are related to the topic of discussion. For instance, Clarkson et al. (2019) clarify that fathers who bathed their infants and provided kangaroo care increased their confidence in other activities, such as changing clothes, feeding, participating in medical decisions, and holding their babies. 

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