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Trial of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Children (Article Critique Sample)


Article Analysis #2

Read the article, “A Randomized Trial of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Children: Promoting Mindful Attention to Enhance Social-Emotional Resilience in Children.” The analysis should range from 3 to 5 pages excluding a cover page and reference page. It will account for 10% of the total grade. 

 Provide the name of the journal, publication year, volume number, and key words. (1 paragraph)

 Summarize the previous literature. (1–2 paragraphs)

 Describe the type of research:

 Is this study basic research or applied research? Provide the rationale and evidence for your response.

 Is this qualitative or quantitative research? Provide the rationale for your response.

 Is this cross-sectional or longitudinal research? Provide the rationale for your response.

 Is this descriptive, exploratory, predictive, explanatory, or evaluation research? Provide the rationale for your response.

Identify the hypotheses. (1 paragraph)
Describe characteristics of the study participants. (1 paragraph)
Describe the sampling method. (how were the participants recruited?)
What type of research design did the researchers use? Provide a rationale for the use of this design. (1 paragraph)
Identify the main outcomes related to the hypotheses. (1 paragraph)
What instruments (standardized measures) were used to measure the outcomes? Briefly describe each instrument, including reliability and/or validity scores. (1/2 page)
Briefly summarize the study findings. (1/2 page)

Summarize the study limitations. (1 paragraph)


Trial of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Children
Institutional Affiliation
Trial of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Children
Various Studies have shown that children are more prone to mental instability, with the primary factor being stress and anxiety. The potential stresses may arise in a number of ways, such as school work, poverty and exploitation at home, and the result can be either be beneficial or negative. For instance, school work stress may make the student to work hard. On the other hand, home based stress may lead to school dropouts, drug abuse and suicide, among others. As such, there is a need to formulate various ways that might be helpful in controlling their emotions, which they sometimes find it unbearable. The paper provides an analysis of an article written in 2009 by Randye, Jennifer, Dinelia and Lisa; A Randomized Trial of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Children (MBCT-C) and how it helps in enhancing children mindfulness, social and emotional resilience.
A Cross Sectional Research
A cross sectional analysis research was done for the identification of Mindfulness Based Cognition Therapy for Children effectiveness. The aim was to help children to mitigate stress. The therapy was formulated as it was shown to have a great influence on the children studies. The process was done since anxiety for instance, was shown to interrupt children attention, which escalates to children academic problems (Semple, Jennifer, & Dinelia, 2009).
Characteristics of the study participants
Children between the age of ten and thirteen were selected to be part of the qualitative research to provide an insight of the stress factors. All of them were English speaking children, who were enrolled in the University of Colombia clinical based remedial tutoring program. According to the institution clinical program psychologist, the children had significant difficulties in reading. Most of the children showed a great indication of stress and nervousness (Semple, Jennifer, & Dinelia, 2009).
Sampling Method
A descriptive research method was used in sampling the participants as the article does not explain the sampling method, or make accurate predictions as well as determining the cause of the problem. Thirty-nine participants were selected with no initial screening or criteria that could be used in selecting particular children based o...
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