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7-1 Peer Review: Statistical Analysis Methods (Article Critique Sample)


Peer feedback is an essential part of any research and writing project. In this discussion forum, you will post a portion of your final project to engage in the peer review process. The feedback you receive will help you improve your final project submission, due in this module.  You do not have to post your whole, completed project. Select areas that you are concerned about or want to improve and post them to this discussion by Thursday   Review the Guide to Choosing the Appropriate Method Based on the Variables and Number of Categories table in Appendix A of your textbook in WileyPLUS for reference while drafting Section II, Part E and Section IV, Part B of your final project. Remember to submit these section drafts to the discussion forum by Thursday. Choose two proposals for peer review. Offer feedback by Sunday and consider the following:  Analysis and Evaluation: Are the drafts of these sections of the final project articulated clearly? Did they identify the data collection and analysis methods used and explain why the methods are appropriate based on the research question?    Did they discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the type of statistical analysis used and support their discussion with examples from the study? Suggestions:   What surprises did you find in their drafts of these sections? Were there any parts that were confusing? Give specific examples. What was your overall impression of the drafts of these sections?


7-1 Peer Review: Statistical Analysis Methods Name Institution Date   In the article by Müller et al (2012), the researchers sought to determine if high-dose chemotherapy (HDCT) used together with purified stem cells was an effective treatment for stage IV breast cancer patients. The researchers collected information from the breast cancer patients, and all the study participants gave their consent to participate in the study and there was follow up to determine the effectiveness of the interventions. The pilot study focused on descriptive statistics, and considered women who received chemotherapy alone and a group where there was stem cell infusion unaffected by cancer.

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