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Domestic Violence within the African-American Community (Article Critique Sample)


These are the specific instructions given to us on our syllabus:
Journal Article Critique – Each student will submit a 2-3 journal article critique on a crisis intervention topic of choice. The article must come from a research journal and must be submitted with critique. Include specific counseling interventions used on a specific crisis. The 2-3 pages DOES NOT Include title and reference page. APA format is required. 
**Articles must be included with the paper***. 
APA format is required.. No abstract page required.


Domestic violence within the African American
Course title:
Cultural Considerations Impacting Domestic Violence Among African American Women:
Implications for Social Work
Maxine Agazie, Ph.D., ACSW
Professor of Sociology
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC
Domestic Violence is a widespread, mammoth problem wreaking havoc throughout the United
States. According to Rice (2007), it is a major public health issue and is the most frequent cause
of injury to women. This devastating crime affects all races an socioeconomic levels. It even
reaches into the gay and lesbian communities (Vickers 1996). Men are also victims of domestic
vilence, however, women are eight times more likely to be physically assaulted by an intimate
partner. Each year approximately four million women are physically abused (Paul 2004).
According to InfoPlease (2007), Physical abuse encompasses behaviors ranging from hitting to
the actual use of a weapon.
Domestic violence is the use or threat of use of physical, emotional, verbal or sexual
abuse, with the intent of instilling fear, intimidating and controlling behavior (Rice 2007).
Domestic violence is about abuse, control and violence. Both parties involved are losers. The
abuser displays the behavior of a bully and a coward. Bullies attack those they feel can be
controlled, intimidated and defended by them. The abuser may chronologically be an adult but
psychologically he/she is in the life stage of a toddler. A toddler throws temper tantrums when
things do not go exactly his/her way. They will explode and hit when their world is disturbed in
any way. The major concern they have is about themselves and their own needs. An abuser will
hit, punch, slap, kick, choke, etc. When he/she is upset or when seeking to control the spouse or
partner, he/she will utilize tactics of criticism, isolation and coercion. The abusing spouse is
usually a person who is very insecure and unhappy. The spouse who is abused usually has low
self-esteem and believes he/she deserves to be beaten, as well as, called derogatory names.
Usually, the spouse who is being abused, grew up in a hostile environment where they may have
been the victim of some form of child abuse. Although, chronologically they are an adult, yet
psychologically, they feel like a worthless, frightened child who is powerless.
It is clearly recognized that domestic violence is rampant throughout the nation among all
races and social classes. This paper, however, focuses on domestic violence among African
American women. This paper examines domestic violence within social and cultural contexts of
the African American community.
Domestic violence in the African American community must be dealt with and
understood within social and cultural contexts. According to Ramos, Carlson and McNutt
(2004), African American women compared to white women, are more likely to leave the
abusing spouse and then return to him. They are also more likely to endure the abuse over a long
period of time and fight back. They are less likely to use formal services. Due to religious
beliefs, family values and other social norms, African American women tend to handle domestic
violence in ways that are not easily understood by the majority culture. Growing up as a young
lady, the African American woman is often told that when she marries it may not be easy but she
must stay for life. She is told, when you married, you are no longer a girl but a woman who must
learn how to be strong and deal with a difficult husband. African American women are aware of
the exorbitant racism existing against African American men in society. The history of lynching,
murder, disrespect and disempowerment of the Af...
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