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A Case Study Of A Bachelor Of Science Nursing Program In Abu Dhabi (Article Critique Sample)



The aim of the present study was to report the process and outcomes of a collaborative venture to offer a Bachelor of Science Nursing programme in Abu Dhabi.


An international educational collaboration between the Abu Dhabi government in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Griffith University (GU) Australia, successfully established a College of Health Sciences offering a Bachelor of Science Nursing (pre- and post-registration).


The report was written to reflect the chronological order of events as the Bachelor of Science Nursing programme was rolled out in Abu Dhabi commencing in 2007.


The results of this initiative included the successful delivery of the programme and the gaining of initial accreditation in Abu Dhabi.


The paper presents important insights into the collaborative nature of the agreement and the unique outcomes; dual awards from UAE and Australia.

Implications for nursing management

The success of this initiative required an ongoing commitment from the collaborating partners. The programme required ongoing support from the School of Nursing and Midwifery in Australia. Griffith University provided the Head of School and Deputy Head of School for Abu Dhabi and the curriculum. The academic and administrative support from Australia was significant and must be incorporated into any business plan when planning such a venture.


Nursing education: a case study of a Bachelor of Science Nursing Program in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Judy A. Wollin and Carrie T. Fairweather
Nursing education: a case study of a Bachelor of Science NursingProgram in Abu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesJudy A. Wollin and Carrie T. Fairweather
Education is regarded as a crucial part of development over the world. This is relative to the fact that with education comes improvement in the basic skills that different professionals need to bring about the redefinition of the various industries and how the people are able to interact with the same. At the local level, people are able to utilize the resources available to them to better improve their lives and that of their loved ones. In the countries rich with natural resources such as the United Arabs Emirates, this is a key investment. The government is trying to diversify the level of reliance on the oil as a natural resource (Wollin and Fairweather, 2011). The UAE is one of the richest nations in the world and its growth has been exponential in the last several decades. This is relative to the fact that the nation is rich in natural resources and in particular oil, which is a crucial commodity in any given economy across the globe. With such a resource, the country trades in trillions of dollars on any given day, which has led to financial stability (Wollin and Fairweather, 2011). However, modernity calls for development in the human capital and more importantly diversification of the various industries to reflect global standards. One such industry is the health sector and in particular in the field of nursing. In addition, the country has also identified that education and the tourism sector are crucial alternatives for revenue generation. However, the focus of this paper is on the health care sector, with emphasis on the nursing field of education and practice. To bring the topic into focus, this paper reviews the report carried out Judy A. Wollin and Carrie T. Fairweather both from Australia and employed by the Griffith University, titled; Nursing education: a case study of a Bachelor of Science Nursing programme in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (Wollin and Fairweather, 2011). The report documents the development of the nursing education system in the UAE to reflect the international standards. It documents the integration of the UAE nursing education system with the Australian education system for nursing to bring up the international recognized levels of nursing for the nurses in the UAE. The nursing field has been largely neglected in the past with nurses only having to acquire diplomas (All Nursing Schools, 2018). There is also the fact that, there is a global shortage of nurses with bachelor’s degrees (International Council of Nurses, 2006). These are the two main factors that were established for the commissioning of the Fatima College of Health Sciences. To achieve this, there is an agreement between the Abu Dhabi Education Council and the Griffith University in Australia to provide a bachelor level in nursing education within Abu Dhabi. The Griffith University provided the technical expertise on the matter, while the Abu Dhabi Education Council offered the infrastructure in partnership with the Institute of applied technology. With a combination of native and non-native students on board, learning as part of the pre-registration or the post registration program, the partnership and all the efforts were a success (Wollin and Fairweather, 2011).
Case Summary
The partnership between the Griffith University and the Abu Dhabi Education Council, was established by the need to modernize the nursing education and practices in the UAE. Previously, the nursing profession was...

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