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Uni VIII Team Building (Article Critique Sample)


Select two current, professional journal articles that are at least four pages in length. You must write a critical assessment of the articles for this assignment.


UNI VIII Team Building
UNI VIII Team Building
In an article written by Carson, T. (2015) titled, “different work styles can help team performance,” the author talks about recognizing teams’ force through diversity to achieve long-term success. This means considering issues of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and age. Organizational attributes including functions or rank are at times considered. The authors’ area of expertise is based on team building.
The author use appropriate methods to gather the evidence by highlighting other kinds of diversity that might be more helpful; these include differences in work style or the way in which people think, organize, and complete tasks. The author warns leaders of organizations that having the same style of leadership is dangerous because people are different. The author uses accurate evidence by sharing some of the key topics including how to promote and leverage work style diversity. According to the author, observing team members helps leaders analyze their behavior to give a clue of members work style. To ensure diversity in an organization, recruiting is the best alternative to balance (Carson, 2015).
The article provides good insights for team leaders who want to build an effective team to improve work performance by advising them on how to leverage everyone’s strength. Team leaders need to be supportive by building relationships, facilitating team interaction among team members. Team leaders also need to update team members on work and also develops effective communication strategies. According to Benston (2014), each and every team member needs to feel valued, to contribute to the organization. The author’s interpretation of the evidence lead the reader to the same conclusion using examples to state how logical and analytical team members can be coached according to their work style. He further recommends some of the questions that leaders can review to assess employees to ensure the leaders understand them. Some of the question for consideration includes: What are their goals in life? What employees seek to achieve and where they can be able to find information to make better decisions to reach their goals (Carson, 2015)?
For other members who are organized and detailed oriented as a leader, one can ask them questions like, how can they can make their work more effective and how can they decide which steps to take next to better their performance and also find out what has worked for them in the past(Carson, 2015). The article build a logical argument to prove that indeed recognizing teams force through diversity results to the long-term success of any organization. However, the article did not provide any other evidence that would support a counter-argument.
In conclusion, I agree with the author because there is great value in leveraging work style diversity. The author is successf...
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