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A Supply Chain Perspective On Strategic Foothold Moves In Emerging Markets (Article Critique Sample)


Instructions for the Article Review
Locate a peer-reviewed article (related to the course content) published within the last 60 days in a peer-reviewed journal from the online library, then present a 2-3 page assessment comprising of a precise and critical evaluation. Do not summarize the article. Evaluate the information presented in the article. 
This assignment has many benefits. First, it requires a search of indexing and abstracting databases from the online library to find an article that meets the specified criteria (must be related to the course content). It also emphasizes what a scholarly article is; to discern between scholarly and non-scholarly writing; to condense someone else's lengthy argument into a concise report; to think critically about what has been read by assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the research; and, thus, to become participants in the discussions regarding the Supply Chain and Logistics profession.
Article Review Rubric
All papers should meet the following criteria:


Student's Name
Institutional Affiliation
Craighead, C. W., Ketchen, D. J., Jenkins, M. T., & Holcomb, M. C. (2017). A Supply ChainPerspective on Strategic Foothold Moves in Emerging Markets. Journal of Supply ChainManagement. 53(4), 3-12.
The article, “A Supply Chain Perspective on Strategic Foothold Moves in Emerging Markets” by Craighead, Ketchen, Jenkins and Holcomb attempts to address environmental uncertainties, foothold portability and supply chain knowledge can influence the decisions of an organization in regard to the footholds.
From the abstract, it is clear that this is a good step towards the maximum utilization of the supply chain knowledge in the gaining a competitive edge in the market. In fact the article is very informative even from the onset of the first couple paragraphs. The authors start by giving a physical evidence of a company that doubled its size by exploiting the emerging markets. What makes this article interesting is how the authors theorize the right opportunity for a firm to either attack or withdraw from the emerging market foothold and the consequences of such moves under various situations. Another interesting aspect of this article is the authors integrates previous literatures to demonstrate how footholds can enable a firm enter into emerging markets whose com

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