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Regulation and the Internet (Article Critique Sample)

This paper is an article critique. Review article and prepare 300 to 400 word critique outlining the main points as well as the implications for the future of internet regulations. source..

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(February 07, 2012)
Regulation and the Internet
Both America and other nations have currently observed a quick rate of regulation affecting organizations and their internet operations. Different legislation agencies in these countries are enforcing the existing legislations and instituting new regulations, which are internet-specific. For example, the American Congress has passed Internet legislations that protect children by reducing online e-mail advertising. Most of the states like California have also passed the legislations. This paper critically reviews the article "Regulation and the Internet: Public Choice Insights for Business Organizations" by Sirkka L. Jarvenpaa, Emerson H. Tiller, and Robert Simons.
The Courts have also invoked ancient trademark trespassing and infringement laws to protect companies from electronic trespasses and "cybersquatters". There is also a leading regulation theory of business, known as public choice. It helps to distribute demand and supply model of business exchange and institution of regulatory. This regulation also helps to raise the maintenance of economic incentive by incumbent companies, as well as promoting open process and structures. It, therefore, opened environment, where there was abolishing of structural control. These led to decentralized development of community based organization (Jarvenpaa, Tiller, & Simons, 2003).
Some enjoyment firms also encouraged regulation, with an aim of controlling piracy. That was as a result of copyright millennium digital act becoming unsuccessful, due to cases of piracy. Considering that technology has got a high, pervasive form of social and economic opportunities of internet control systems, it does not govern the ownership of the technology. This implies that only the government manages the whole system, and as a result, some entertainment companies become unsuccessful.
Public choice emphasizes that lack of regulation, contributes to firm suffering a collective way of working to enrich other industries on their behalf. Therefore with an aim of capturing market in the internet, companies are using the service and price as means of limiting completion. There was also a successful selective control exercises by the government especially in United States, where the government closed a site belonging to Canada as a result of rebroadcasting United States television programs on the internet.
Many nations are also using internet as a means of portraying their presence. This is because internet firms have invented system where local presence with personnel regulations and physical assets can be easily used. In additional, the low that governs any nations domain code, does not assure any nation a supreme ruler over activities concerning business with their border. In France, this regulation appeared when Yahoo criticized of desolating the country low against the sale of paraphern...
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