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Marketing Myopia by Theodore Levitt, 1960 (Article Critique Sample)


Reading Notes
Your contribution grade will also consist of your ‘reading notes' which are described as follows:
The aim of reading notes is to help you read critically and actively – to be engaged in the work.
You will find this tool essential in graduate school so it is here we begin the habit. The reading
notes will be measured using the level-five evaluation criteria and must contain the following:
Two-page maximum (articles)
o single space, business block, justified margins, 10-point font
APA bibliographic citation of the work as your ‘title'
Your name, course, section number and date at the upper right
Central theme – identify author's main lesson/argument – what is the author(s) teaching us
Critical analysis – evaluate the lesson/argument – strengths/weaknesses – considering pointing to a frame of reference in your own life or your training in the subject
Main takeaways – so what and now what? How do we best apply the knowledge from this article/book?


Marketing Myopia by Theodore Levitt, 1960
In his groundbreaking article ‘Marketing Myopia' Theodore Levitt describes how industries and companies can drive themselves to death by focusing on the wrong priorities.
Levitt famously described how the railroad business and the movie industry lost great opportunities by focusing on themselves rather than their clients. Railroad executives focused on the railroad business rather than viewing themselves as participants in the transportation business who should be serving passengers. Movie executives on the other hand viewed themselves as participants in an industry that churns out movies rather than producers of entertainment, mistakenly viewing the advent of the television in the 1970s as a threat to their business ratherthan an opportunity to build symbiotic relationships.
In both examples we come across classic marketing myopia, where industry players adapt short sighted views and strategies that revolve around industry needs rather than customer satisfaction, creating a vacuum that competing industries quickly exploit. In essence Levitt points out that firms and industries stop growing due to management failures and shortsightedness rather than market saturation. Levitt gives further examples such as the dry-cleaning industry overtaken by the birth of synthetic textiles, electric utilities increasingly replaced by solar powered devices and grocery stores pushed to the periphery by supermarkets. In al

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