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Discussion: HR/Organization Alignment and Global Conditions (Article Critique Sample)


Introduce yourself to the class and share your goals for your education and expectations for this class. 
My Name is Jason Bustamante and Taking Health Information Management..
Then, read pages 1-8 of the case study A.P. Moller-Maersk Group: Evaluating Strategic Talent Management Initiatives (up to Talent Management Challenges). Using the readings in this module and the case material, discuss the following:
Why the human resource function should be aligned with an organization’s strategic plan, and
How current global conditions in Maersk’s industry impact human resource management practices within this organization.


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Human resource function is an important sector in any organization. It defines major approaches and strategies in an organization, especially on labor, policies, and practices. On the other hand, strategic plans in an organization entail all the strategies that an organization embarks on to achieve their goals and mission. It is also an organization's strategic plan that articulates its vision. This paper will look at the main reason why human resource functions should be aligned with an organization's strategic plan. Secondly, the paper will look at Maersk's current human resource practices, and how these practices are impacted upon by current global conditions.
First and foremost, it is important to note that a lot of changes have occurred in business environments as a result of globalization (Hoffman, 2008). In this context, therefore, there are emerging technologies that dictate the alignment and involvement of human resource functions in an organization's strategic plan. For example, it is important to integrate human resource management in the decision-making processes of such organizations undergoing globalization and adoption of new technologies. Importantly, though, many organizations usually develop their strategic plans based on several factors that include: global economic conditions, changes in market conditions, competition, labor trends, and industrial restructuring. These factors inform the direction the...
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