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Effects of Globalization on International Ocean Transportation (Article Critique Sample)


1.Collect, organize, analyze, and critique 15 + peer-reviewed research articles that are related to a topic area and problem statement.
2.Write an introduction to your topic and the overall problem you are addressing.
(give a full paragraph of your topic and what you want to accomplish)
3.Write a literature review.
4.Conclude how these articles aligns with your research area of interest
APA citation. Description of each the article. How the article will or will not help you in your paper. It should not be any longer than a paragraph (5-7 sentences long).
I have attached the rough draft of the research paper.


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Effects of Globalization on International Ocean Transportation
Ocean transportation has over time been considered as a significant human activity throughout history, with particular inference to instances where prosperity remains wholly dependent on international and interregional trade. In other words, transportation has often been referred to as one of the pillars of globalization, along with international standardization, communication, and trade liberalization(International Maritime Organization, 2004). Given this, it is essential to point out that the trends of globalization are heralded as a beneficial element for global stability and sustainable development. In this case, it is imperative to detail that globalization integrates the production, distribution, and consumption of goods across different borders, hence creating a unified market.
Faced with the higher consumer demands for quality products, organizations are obliged to make decisions as to the benefits of a globally recognized brand that produces better products that are relatively priced, worthy of the increased security measures, differences in process and quality standards and the potential of waiting longer for the delivery times; aspects impacted by all the ends of ocean transportation(International Maritime Organization, 2004). The increase in sea transport methods and container ships is evidence enough to prove that companies have embarked on the need to embrace the prospects of globalization on international ocean transportation in a bid to meet the growing consumer demands for on-time delivery of quality products, a path that necessitates the need to better infrastructures and dependable delivery approaches. Globalization is therefore seen as having a positive or negative effect on international stability, the environment and sustainable development. This paper consequently seeks to establish the effect of globalization on international ocean transportation.
Literature Review
The movement of goods internationally remains an integral aspect in the international transportation system that is inclusive of oceans, railways, roads and air transport. Over the years, the use of the ocean as a means of transportation has gained popularity due to its convenience as well as the low cost of transportation, an aspect that has made transportation of goods across nations quite effective. According toEndresen et al. (2014), marine transportation is considered as an integral element in within the global economy. The marine transportation system is comprised of a network of specialized vessels, ports visited, and the transportation infrastructures that are collected from terminals to distribution centers and lastly to markets. Maritime transportation is therefore perceived as an important complement to and intermittent substitute for other freight transportation systems (Hummels, 2012). This material remains important in establishing the positive effects of globalization on international ocean transportation, an element that supports the established research study.
The element of globalization is consequently motivated by the recognition of the fact that resources and goods are not in most cases collocated with the populations that demand them, an aspect that instigates the need for global transportation services. An instance of this is established in a case where rather than palletizing grains, minerals as well as other commodities, cargo ships were established to deliver shipments in either raw or semi-raw conditions from their production regions to the processing facilities that are closer to the final market(Sasa et al. 2015). Along with the advancements in cargo handling and shipboard technologies and containerization, the element of globalization has immensely reduced c...
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