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Assessment And Evaluation Of Research Essay Topic And Bibliography (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


An annotated bibliography, which includes at least five academic sources and critically summarizes three texts that you will use for your paper, will also be included to demonstrate your initial research findings (a sample is attached here). No Internet sources will be accepted, unless They are drawn from online academic journals, e-books or legitimate newspapers. I uploaded the sample to the file, the format is like this, but I have to discuss a specific artwork, just like in the sample, but not in the sample. Artwork, if this artwork can reflect social equality, racial equality or feminism


Annotated Bibliography
Beattie, A. (2016). Art and Change in an Extraterrestrial Society. Space and Society Dissent, Revolution and Liberty Beyond Earth, 133-142. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-29349-3_10
According to Annalea Beattie, one of the most significant problems we face nowadays is that we remain unaware of the global conflicts like climate changes and the cold war, etc. The author thinks that through his artwork, an artist can convey some of the best emotions and feelings and make the audience understand what role they can play in the betterment of the entire world. For this purpose, the artwork has to contain impressive colors and should be a combination of both human figures and nature.
Fiorino, D. J. (2017). Can Change Happen? Oxford Scholarship Online. doi:10.1093/oso/9780190605

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