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Current Trends And Future Direction Of Blogging And Social Media (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Need an abstract for this paper that just has to be a small paragraph and an annotated bib for all 10 references. The annotated bib only has to be a few sentences with each reference


Will the current trends and future direction of blogging and social media transform our culture?
Technology is constantly changing and with it the way that people interact with one another and their environment. More importantly is the way that, people are able to access content and create influences across the globe. Some of the most influential frontiers in reference to the use of technology within the current society and is likely to have impacts in the future abound are social media and blogging. These are some of the fastest growing platforms and have gained popularity relative to their ease of use and the level of reach they have. For those that use social media, this is a party of billions of other users. A single posts reaches billions of people across the globe instantly. Blogging which is more involving, is also growing fast and for those that have the ability to attract millions to their posts, they have massive influence in the cyber space. Not just relative to followers, but also in the level of influence that they command. These are platforms that can easily sway a political vote or even create a shift in the cultural movements and practices across the entire globe. With such influence, the platforms are likely to have significant impacts on the society relative to the global culture going forward.
Annotated bibliography
Djuraskovic, Ogi. What is a Blog? – The Definition of Blog, Blogging, and Blogger. 11 April 2018. Document . 2 May 2018.
This is a source that plays a vital role in the build of the essay in light of the fact that, it gives the definition of a blog, the process of blogging and who is a blogger. In the article Djuraskovic, gives the readers a glimpse of the basics about blogging. This is largely an article that is for those that do not have a clear idea of what blogs are and what it entails to be called a blogger. As such it helps the essay with valuable content that helps introduce the concept with reference to the basics.
Do, Thao Emilie. The emergence of the Korean popular culture in the world. 2012.
In the source, Do Thao Emilie, take the audience through the level of influence that South Korea has had in the recent past over the world. In the past, the country has been influenced by the cultures around the world such as those from China, United States and Japan. Thanks t to technology, the country is now exporting more than their music, drama series and even technology; they also have a growing influence over places such as the Americans and Europe. The sources helps build on the element of influences that have been experienced by the globe, in light of technology, where South Korea is applying significant tactics to make sure that it influences the global culture by putting their face on the map.
eMarketer. Messaging App Usage Worldwide: eMarketer's Updated Forecast, Leaderboard and Behavioral Analysis. 20 July 2017. Document. 30 April 2018.
This is a source that subtle significant to the essay in respect to the fact that, it gives an analysis of the messaging apps. This is an industry that is fast growing and the level of influence on the global culture is simply staggering. The inclusion of the source is based on the premise to inform the audience about the significance of the messaging app trend and influence that it has on the communication culture across the globe. Being able to send instant messages across the globe is now easier than sending an email. The source tabulates the trends on the messaging arena and forecasts the behaviors that should be expected in the future. This is a rather important insight as the essay is looking into the future of technology and the impact on the global culture, which the article han...

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