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Should Exotic Animals Be Kept As Pets? Annotated Bibliography (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Instructions for the Annotated Bibliography Goal – Compose a polished 5-6 paged, MLA formatted document that creates the foundation for the (upcoming) Multiple-Sourced Argument topic, AND find, analyze, and evaluate 6 online sources that relate to the topic. Use the required content and outline below to construct the document. Premise – Choose an arguable/problematic topic/issue within your future occupation. Then, select a side/position that you would defend/support. Next, in an organized manner, provide essential background information about the topic and about the side/position you're defending/supporting. Also, in a narrative fashion, briefly describe the process of how you found information, and describe what types of sources/research you have found so far. Lastly, include the 6 citations and annotations for the online sources. Finally, be sure to find sources that fit the main argument, counter argument, and rebuttal. There will be multiple sections for the upcoming Multiple-Sourced Argument essays, so you may need sources that examine differing perspectives on the topic (Main Argument, Counter Argument, and Rebuttal). *My topic is should exotic animals be kept as pets?- I don't think they should be. Required Content and Outline 1. Beginning/Introduction (about 2 pages) A. Briefly Describe the Following: 1) Background of topic 2) Background of side/position you're defending/supporting 3) (Narratively) describe the process of how you found information 4) What types of sources/research you have found so far (do not use the sources found for this essay). 2. Citations and Annotations (about 3-4 pages) B. Source 1 (about 150-175 words) 1) Rhetorical Information 2) Summary of Source 3) (Your) Writer's Evaluation C. Source 2 (about 150-175 words) 1) Rhetorical Information 2) Summary of Source 3) (Your) Writer's Evaluation D. Source 3 (about 150-175 words) 1) Rhetorical Information 2) Summary of Source 3) (Your) Writer's Evaluation E. Source 4 (about 150-175 words) 1) Rhetorical Information 2) Summary of Source 3) (Your) Writer's Evaluation F. Source 5 (about 150-175 words) 1) Rhetorical Information 2) Summary of Source 3) (Your) Writer's Evaluation G. Source 6 (about 150-175 words) 1) Rhetorical Information 2) Summary of Source 3) (Your) Writer's Evaluation


Should Exotic be Kept as Pets?
Exotic animals are becoming increasingly popular as pets in many parts of the world. The animals have not gone through the elaborate domestication process that traditional companion animals such as dogs and cats have. Consequently, meeting their specialized welfare needs in a domestic environment is quite a herculean task. Moreover, the animals are wild and incredibly dangerous by nature, and for that reason, they do not adjust to the captive environment efficiently. Research shows that there have been many incidents where individuals who attempt to keep these animals as pets are attacked and severely injured. In most cases, the individuals succumb to the injuries, and those who survive are forced to deal with an inflicted disability.
Moreover, these animals pose a risk to the health of many people. Some exotic animals such as monkeys are carriers of zoonotic diseases such as herpes B and monkeypox, and these diseases have been proven to be fatal to human beings. Most of the individuals who keep these animals at first appear capable of managing them, but later it turns out to be extremely challenging. When they eventually realize they cannot take care of them, they seek help from institutions such as sanctuaries to relieve them of the now overwhelming responsibility. Conversely, these institutions cannot accommodate unwanted exotic animals. Thus, the individuals abandon them, and some of the animals are doomed to live in deplorable conditions.
Searching for journals, magazines, newspapers, books, and other online sources that explore the topic of keeping of exotic animals as pets has proven to be an effective way of obtaining detailed information on the subject. According to the sources, it is crystal clear that keeping an exotic animal is not a wise decision, as most of these sources do not support the idea. The authors feel that keeping exotic pets is a detrimental act and the necessary authorities should do everything in their power to ensure that no individual is keeping exotic pets. Below is a list of sources that have been employed in the research of the topic above.
Grant, Rachel, et al. "ExNOTic: Should We Be Keeping Exotic Pets?" Animals, vol. 7, no. 6, 2017, p. 47.
The writers explain how some of the exotic animals kept as pets have proved to be quite difficult to adapt to a domestic environment. They further explain how challenging and dangerous it is to manage these animals as most of them retain a wild demeanor. The animals have special needs in captivity that are beyond the scope of those individ

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