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Poor people dont have oppetunities Literature Annotated Bibliography (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


This third assignment requires you to create an annotated bibliography in two-parts. The first part is to create a general bibliography of twenty resources. These resources can be from any variety of five kinds of sources (books, journals, newspaper articles, databases, or websites). You must, however, have at least two of each of the five types of sources. For each one of these twenty resources you need to list a bibliographic entry in proper MLA or APA style. (We will review proper MLA/APA style formatting in a class next week.)
The second part of the process is taking ten of those twenty resources you identified in step one and creating annotated bibliographic entries for them. For this part you may do any combination of the five types of resources, but there must be at least one of each of the five types.
Each of the ten entries in the second part of this assignment must have three parts: the bibliographic entry, at least three-to-five sentences summarizing the resource, and three to five sentences evaluating the worth of the resource for your research paper.


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Annotation Bibliography
Article # 1: Alvarez, Sharon A., and Jay B. Barney. "Entrepreneurial opportunities and poverty alleviation." Entrepreneurship theory and practice 38.1 (2014): 159-184.
This article provides that not all entrepreneurial activities contribute to economic growth. As a result, there have been policies to improve human capital, access to finances, and property protection rights, which have been used in reducing poverty. Entrepreneurs have taken initiatives to reduce the rate of poverty at the international level. This article finds out that the level of success in these efforts vary greatly, as some may not lead to success. There is a need for further research on the need for the creation of self-employment opportunities to reduce the level of poverty.
Article #2: Hanlon, Charlotte, et al. "Challenges and opportunities for implementing integrated mental health care: a district level situation analysis from five low-and middle-income countries." PloS one 9.2 (2014).

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