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Modernist Literature And The Everyday: Literature Compass (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Include an annotated bibliography of four articles and four websites that are relevant to your presentation.
Creating the Annotated Bibliography: The annotation of each source should provide a brief summary of the source. It also should include an assessment of the source. Finally, it should contain a reflection on how the writer plans to use that source in the upcoming project.
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Randall, Byrony. "Modernist Literature And The Everyday: Literature Compass." 7.9 (2010): 824-835.
The author notes major criticisms that have been shared over time about modernist literature. For one, modernists have been criticized for their disregard of tradition. Other critical works he addressed include transport, the cinema, and advertising. The author further looks at the similarities and connection between modernist literature and traditional literature. She analyses the works of famous writers of traditional literature like Walter Benjamin and George Simmel and compares it to modernist literature through the works of writers like James Joyce, Virginia Woolf and Marianne Moore. The author further notes that modernist literature attempts to make new the everyday in modernity. She also analyses that modernists have been able to refocus their attention on focus considerations and temporality.
This article is appropriate for my research as it informs of the significance of modernist literature in everyday life. It also highlights traditional literature and its short comings that influenced the development of modernist literature. It shall help me understand better the traditional literature and the changes over time as brought about modern literature.
Kaplan, Carla. "On Modernism And Race: Modernism/Modernity." 4.1 (1997): 157-169.
The author incorporates one of the characteristics of modernist literature as she writes about Racism, a plight that was the very rampant in the early nineteenth century. The author mentions two major controversies that affected a friendly and well-mannered own in Corvallis, Oregon. The town supported equal rights for gays and lesbian and in addition, celebrated the cultural differences in the society. One major argu

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