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Literature: Marriage and Mutuality: Othello & Desdemona (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Write a 200-250 word annotation of the article. 
**An annotation documents the source and provides a summary of that source 
The documentation should adhere to Modern Language Association (MLA) guidelines. 
This assignment will be graded for its accuracy, content, and writing.
I am providing the article to be annotated. Please use that as the source. 

Othello is a play that revolves around four characters, Othello, a general of Moor origin Venetian army, his wife, Desdemona, his royal lieutenant, Cassio and his unfaithful yet trusted ensign, Lago. Its themes include jealousy, love, racism, betrayal, revenge and repentance. It is performed in the community as well as professional theatres alike.
Marriage and mutuality in Othello
Marriage in Othello is mainly portrayed by the challenges that come before and after a marriage that face a couple. This is portrayed in instances when Othello seems to be hard on Desdemona. This is shown when he either doubts her intentions with him or when he is overly harsh with her. By imposing his patriarchy ways on Desdemona, Othello displays his role in their marriage as one who's controlling and as a result Desdemona has to submit. His l...
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