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Understanding & Analyzing Filmic And Televisual Adaptations (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


For our next assignment, you will be developing a research paper that considers a base-text and an adaptation of that base-text. In preparation for this assignment, you will need to submit a project proposal and an annotated bibliography that indicates potential sources you will engage in the conversation of your essay.

Based on this, I hope to add a bibliography of "Good Night and Good Luck".


Understanding and Analyzing Filmic and Televisual Adaptations
Project Proposal
The base text for the assignment is an event in the US history that occurred during the cold war where the country was fighting Russia over supremacy. During the period, the US president Truman signed an agreement called Red Scare in 1947 that required that any person who betrayed the nation by leaking its secrets to its rival was to be deported. At the time, McCarthy was a senator and he took advantage of the rule to destroy its enemies by falsely accusing them to be allies of Russia. He had several people behind him who were called ‘'Yes Men'' and they believed and supported McCarthy in winning the war against Russia. However, a sizeable number of people believed that McCarthy exploited the opportunity for personal interest of destroying its enemies in politics.
The event has been adapted in the movie ‘'Good Night and Good Luck'' that was produced by Ed Murrow and Fred Friendly. Friendly, was a good movie producer and inherited the talent from his late father. However, Murrow was a journalist who interviewed people including politicians in a radio show called ‘'Hear it now.'' With time, the radio program was converted to a Television program lead by Murrow which was given a new name ‘'See now.'' The numerous interviews that Murrow had with McCarthy were shown in the movie. The intention of the film was to provide evidence about false accusations that McCarthy made against his rivals during the called war by calling them ‘'traitors.''The movie shows a group of journalists who work together to gather enough evidence about the accusations that were made by McCarthy against his rivals during the cold war.
However, I may encounter certain difficulties in doing my research such as the organization of my thoughts, access to resources for completing the work, and inadequate support. Despite the possible challenges, I have designed a remedy to solve them. First, I will use mind maps to organize my thoughts so that no important point is omitted during the research. Secondly, I intend to seek financial and emotional support from my parents to acquire the needed resources needed for the research including a computer to record my work and the needed books. Finally, I will seek support from my supervisor, classmates, and friends regarding the provision of more information about the subject.
Annotated Bibliographies
Roberts, Jason. "Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joseph Mccarthy and His Fight against America's Enemies." American Communist History, vol. 8, no. 2, Dec. 2009, pp. 233-235.
The author writes a biography of McCarthy and attempts to vindicate him from the claims that were made against him during the cold war. The author is a partisan proponent of McCarthy and he attempts to regain the reputation of the senator. In the book, the author calmly weighs the positive and negative case of his client. Similarly, he tries to omit some negative claims that would deter his client's reputation. The arguments of Evans who had been involved in several conservative programs had a sizeable number of flows. For instance, Evans fails to provide evidence that McCarthy's accused espionages were spies. The intention of the author is to rehabilitate the reputation of McCarthy. In the book, Evans claims that Soviet espionage operation was well and alive in the 1950s. However, he fails to understand that ‘'the World War Two and espionage operations of the

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