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How Did Education System Change During The Renaissance? (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


thesis: During the Renaissance, how did education system change.
please find another 8 sources for this topic and 2 quotes from each source (1 primary source,1 secondary source). Make a note of author and page # -- this becomes your in-text citation, 
explain those sources support the thesis
any questions, feel free to let me know, thank you 


The changes in the education system witnessed during the Renaissance period were stimulated by the new development of humanism. Before Renaissance, education revolved around religion, education revolved around church teachings, which contrasted with the humanistic education that meant to create good citizens, making education realistic. Education changes emphasized on realistic subjects like history, astronomy, music, and geometry, science became the major focus that was important to those who wanted to be part of the Renaissance Society.
Tomczak, Matthias article titled "Towards a Materialist Concept of the History of Science: Renaissance and Enlightenment," believe that modern European science can be traced back to 16th to 18th century. He argues that during the Renaissance, the need for entrepreneurship and territorial expansion were the main determinants of learning (Tomczak 7). However, with time, the need for humanism resulted in the development of academic institutions. The first specialized schools addressed the feudal ruler's needs as these became the starting point for changes in education.
Similarly, the Northern Renaissance known as the Christian humanism had a major impact on European academic system. The humanist emphasis on education was derived from awareness about their ancient past (Parrish 589). The discovery of Aristotle teachings enabled Renaissance figures to try to merge the difference to show how Christian doctrine with Aristotelian philosophy could be merged. Despite the Aristotelian Renaissance being incorporated in education, little attention has been given to the origin of education (Sanders 396). The Aristotelian model that explains the moral development of humans can help educators understand developmental phases of humans. According to Aristotle, the different categories of morality like self control and different virtues were important consideration when reviewing human development (Sanders 397). The moral development presented by Aristotle is a realistic approach in understanding human psychology and can be educationally useful.
The future of education is viewed from a humanist perspective, music education use algorithm; Algorithms are a customer-based model for users. Therefore, music educators need to consider the new changes in music education to develop a balanced view of twenty-first-century music education. Many scholars believe that educational institutions where future business leaders are coming from needs to be recalibrated and transformed dramatically a view supported by (Parrish 588). Technological advancements have revolutionized education with virtual learning that includes customized instruction. The modern education system is different from education in the Renaissance Society
Art education in countries like Singapore was utilized for political purposes. Art education was hierarchal and regulated by the ruling elite. The industrial revolution revolutionized altered the art production process, with the introduction of art education in trade schools. Today art education is present in many institutions; citizens have believed that art plays an important role in the economy today arts education in Singapore reflects the social, cultural aspiration of the ruling leaders. Authors believe that the fragmentation of learning within higher learning institutions combined with pressure from scholars drove what mi

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