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Determinants of undergraduate GPAs in China (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


You are researching a topic of your choice for Essay #3: Current Events & Issues. An annotated bibliography will help you organize your sources and get the most out of them. Keep in mind that, for this essay, you are required to use one peer-reviewed article and two professional or scholarly sources.
Remember that you should use your research to learn about your topic, not to simply look for look for points that support your opinion.
You will write an evaluative annotated bibliography for your three sources. Your annotated bibliography should summarize, assess, and reflect on each source, while citing each according to MLA format. (LSH pp. 74-78)
Each annotation should be at least 150 words, but, more importantly, your annotations should meet each requirement thoroughly and with care.
Basic Requirements
Citations are in MLA format: alphabetical order, hanging indent, TNR 12 pt. font, etc.
Each annotation is at least 150 words
Summarizes, assesses, and reflects on each source
Includes one peer-reviewed article and two professional or scholarly sources
Hard copy turned in at beginning of class
This assignment is graded as part of the “Writing Process” for Essay #3. It is worth 5 points of your essay grade.


Professor’s Name:
Bai, Chong-en., and Wei Chi. Determinants of undergraduate GPAs in China: College Entrance Examination Scores, High School Achievement, and Admission Route. Tsinghua University. 2011.
Chong-en and Chi set out to find out whether the National College Entrance Examination (CEE) and high school achievements can predict a student’s college performance in China. As the paper indicates, the CEE determines the trajectory or paths of a lot of students. Passing it means one can proceed to college while failing it could mean the end of one’s dream. So, it is thus crucial to determine how this particular exam predicts a student’s college academic success. As is revealed in this article, CEE and highs school achievements do predict to a greater extent the academic success of students. This paper thus confirms the importance or effectiveness of the CEE as a metric for considering students who are academically fit for college. With regards to my research, this paper does add value because it brings with it empirical evidence that was lacking in research that seeks to determine the predictive power of CEE. The credibility of this paper lies in its ability to use borrowed ideas from other sources to enhance its goal.
Burkhoff, Amy. “One Exam Determines One’s Life: The 2014 Reforms to the Chinese National College Entrance Exam.” Fordham Int’l LJ 38 (2015): 1473. 2015.
Amy’s paper focuses on something that is often ignored, but that has a great impact on the Chinese education system. It asks the question how and why should a single exam determine or help defin

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