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Is Cost Of Higher Education Too High? (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Purpose & Description
Academic writers compose annotated bibliographies for many reasons. For this assignment, in particular, your aim will be to read, summarize, and briefly evaluate the academic sources you will use to position yourself within a scholarly conversation and develop your final research paper for the course. What follows are some guidelines for completing this assignment.
Part I: Creating a Research Space
Compose a paragraph that offers some context for the annotations you include. Specifically, it should help me as a reader understand 1) the problem and question that are guiding your research; and 2) how you are working to position your study within a scholarly conversation.
Part II: Composing Annotations
Annotated bibliographies typically consist of two parts: 1) citations that you expect to include in your final document, and 2) a concise paragraph (150-200 words) that accurately summarizes and makes a move to evaluate each source you have cited. For this assignment, you are required to compose 5-7 annotations that will add to the scholarly conversation you are looking to join based on your research.
Your completed assignment should:
Include 5-7 single-spaced annotations;
Create a research space for the annotations;
Be written in a clear, precise, and engaging prose style;
Use 12 point Times New Roman or Garamond typeface;
Use a recognizable citation style (e.g., MLA or APA);
Be uploaded to Canvas as a Word document by the deadline (consult your course syllabus and schedule for details).


Full Name
Is Cost of Higher Education High?
These days, high schools, vocational training centers, colleges, and universities cost more than ever, and there are various reasons for that. First of all, the number of students seeking admission in graduate and postgraduate classes has increased. Secondly, teachers and professors demand better salary packages and free medical and transportation facilities. At the same time, our colleges and universities need lots of money for classroom maintenance and provision of educational resources as well as laboratory equipment. Despite the high costs, we should not forget that higher education is more valuable and guarantees a well-paying job to determined, hard-working and dedicated professionals.
Roberts, Mathew. Higher Education: Who Pays? Who Benefits? Who Should Pay? McGraw-Hill, 2014.
In his book, Higher Education: Who Pays? Who Benefits? Who Should Pay? Roberts Mathew argues that if we want to have the best university system with lots of facilities, someone will have to pay for it. Our parents are responsible for paying our school, college and university fees, and if they show carelessness or have some financial problems, we can opt for other options like doing part-time jobs, selling old clothes online and making money, and applying for scholarships or university loans. It's true that the cost of higher education is high, but it eventually guarantees a bright and prosperous future which is the dream of every person. Mathew further says that the tuition of higher education has skyrocketed, but we have been provided with a vast range of subjects and specializations, and it's easy for us to choose the right kind of subjects and transform our lives. Minority students are now showing more interest in postgraduate and doctoral programs than the others. Colleges and universities don't need to cut off their fees as they have to deal with a lot of challenges. The writer also claims that today's institutions are increasing tuition and fees slowly as they don't want to put an extra burden on students and parents.
Al-Salam, Nabeel. The Cost of Higher Education. U.S. Dept. of Education, Office of Educational Research and Improvement, Educational Resources Information Center, 2015.
According to Al-Salam Nabeel, the U.S. Department of Education has failed to cut off the cost of higher education. They should take serious yet wise steps as poor students are already facing numerous problems. During studies, it is not possible for them to do full-time or part-time jobs and some of them are even asked to quit studies because of financial problems. Various graduates, after completing their studies, start looking for jobs as they cannot afford higher education. As the fee for a postgraduate program increases, students are advised to work harder to support their studies. We cannot step forward and fulfill our dream of a bright future with a high school certificate or an ordinary college degree. What we have to do is opt for specialization and see

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