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Analyzing Filmic And Televisual Adaptations: The Godfather (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


This assignment is a follow-up to another assignment, which requires analysis of Bluebeard (a fairy tale) and the scarlet peak (a film).
In this assignment, let us choose an adapted film and text for analysis, and I will put the essay in the attachment.
In addition, because it's a pre-assignment so I'm going to do another one.
If you can write all of them, please let me know in the message that I will fill you in the preferred Writer column next time.
Please realize that the base-text can be a novel, story, fiction. But it can not be an event. For example, You can write Harry Potter and the adapted movie, or The Great Gatsby and the adapted movie (please don't use these two because some classmates have already used that). And in Project proposal, things like thesis or theme are needed. You should give the direction of the essay in Project proposal.






Understanding and analyzing filmic and televisual adaptations: The Godfather

Project Proposal

The intent of this project is to develop insights about film adaptations by analyzing the base text and film trilogy, The Godfather. The study will be achieved through a systematic and critical review of the literature, the novels, and the films. Novels and films are two of the highly consumed art products because they can be copied and transferred and translated into different languages. Mario Puzo’s The Godfather novels offer a classic narrative of the gangster stories, and have been adapted to films that offer the same thrilling experience. The Godfather offers a substantially long, broad, and well-polished and artfully tailored story that brings to light the experiences in the lives of the Mafia. The film stars Al Pacino is a quiet and pleasant young man, who is transformed over time by his experiences of recurring conflicts into a bloody, ruthless head of the mafia after the death of his father. The novels and the film are centered on the sentimental premise of family, which helps the audience to relate to the narratives and the characters. Subsequently, the novels and the films are among the all-time best sellers in their categories. Based on the fundamental aspects of the Italian culture and the family concept presented by Mario Puzo, the analysis will focus on the cultural and social context of the adaptation.

The challenges that might emerge in accomplishing this study is the lack of substantial literature to develop a comprehensive account of the adaptation. Also, it might be challenging to gather primary data by engaging people involved in the development of the text or the films. To address these challenges, the study will address a wide range of literature sources that include the novels and the films as well as various reviews from credible sources. These include journals, corporate reports, books, and other relevant sources. The lack of primary data will be addressed by incorporating information reviewed from the novels and the films. Another challenge to consider is the time constraints that might emerge. The Godfather novels are long and present some complexities in understanding them. Reading the novels and relating them to the films might pose time constraints that might compromise the quality of the final report. Subsequently, to resolve this challenge, the project will be undertaken under strict timelines. If the constraint exceeds, the study can be limited to the first adaptation of the novel.
Annotated bibliography

Cartmell, Deborah. A Companion to Literature, Film, and Adaptation.

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