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Abortion Literature & Language Annotated Bibliography (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Paragraph 1 Summary (Write this paragraph last, summarizing the other paragraphs.)
I will type a summary paragraph describing the Article:
Who wrote it
Where and when it was published
The Topic
A summary of the claim and support, and any interesting notes about Concepts
Why the Article is useful or interesting
Paragraph 2 Author Information
I will type a paragraph describing the Author and their expertise:
Their job
Their education
Their other publications
My conclusion about their expertise on this Topic
I will cite the sources of this information
If I cannot find this information, I will write a paragraph describing all the places I looked and ways I tried to find the information.
Paragraph 3 Publisher Information
I will type a paragraph describing the Periodical and its Publisher:
Who owns them? If a corporation, who owns the corporation?
What else do they publish?
Who reads this Periodical?
My conclusion about the bias of this Publisher
Paragraph 4 Claim and Support
I will type a paragraph about the Author’s Claim and support:
Either quote the thesis sentence(s), or paraphrase it
Describe the support. What kind of support is it?
How effectively does the Support back up the claim?
Does the Author respond in some way to some other “expert” or article? If yes, describe.
Does the Author define one or more key Concepts? If so, quote the definition(s)
Paragraph 5 Three Quotes/Three Vocabulary Words with Definitions
I will list at least three interesting or useful quotes from the article, with intext citations.
I will list at least three vocabulary words from the Article, and their definitions. I will cite the sources of these definitions.


Annotated Bibliography
Jones, Rachel K. and Jenna Jerman. "Abortion Incidence and Service Availability in the United States." Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health 46.1 (2014): 3-14.
This article was written by Rachel K. Jones and Jenna Jerman and published in the Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health in 2014. It explores the incidence and the availability of abortion services in the United States. The article sought to access the incidences, and the availability of abortion services in the country in the backdrop of the stabilization of the decline in the services witnessed between 2005 and 2008 as well as the increase in abortion restrictions at the state level. The study surveyed all the facilities known to have offered abortion services between 2010 and 2011. The study found out that the rates of abortion nationally had resumed its decline. However, this decline could not be directly attributed to the implemented restrictions or the decrease in providers.

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