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Bibliography Writing Assignment History of African American Art (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


The topic of this Annotated Bibliography is "African American Art" the Annotated Bibliography should have at least 10 citations and a clear thesis statement in the beginning of the Annotated Bibliography


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December 1, 2017
Annotated Bibliography – African-American Art
Thesis statement: The Harlem Renaissance was one of the main conduits that placed African American culture in the national spotlight. From this, they were able to distinguish themselves in a positive light (Negro Nationalism) as compared to the negative identities that once attributed to them.
Daneman, Matthew. Harlem Renaissance ushered in new era of black pride. 4 February 2015. Web. 29 December 2017.
This article provides a discussion of the enduring effects of the movement especially when it comes to the identity formation of the African-Americans. Perhaps this would include the promotion and increased consumption today of the hiphop and the rap culture that are mostly attributed towards to the Black community. The importance of this would be much more apparent as the article reaches its conclusion part, where the lasting socio-political effects of the Harlem Renaissance is discussed.
Gale. Harlem Renaissance. 2003. Web. 1 December 2017.
This article focuses on the socio-political context of the time of the Harlem Renaissance. This includes the existing economic and societal problems during those days, which has preceded and led to the boom of African American Art. Accordingly, this literature emphasizes o the effects of World War I and the Great Depression, for its inception and gradual decline, respectively.
Harlem Renaissance Museum. Harlem Renaissance and its impact to the American Society Today. n.d. Web. 1 December 2017.
In this article, a more retrospective approach is taken. Starting from our own beliefs, traditions, and culture as Americans, this article moves backward and tries to provide a causal relationship between what we could see to what happened before. One of the suggestions of this article is that the reason as to why Jazz music has become a very diverse and highly demanded form of music is because of the popular club owners during that period who gives priority to jazz and ragtime players. Harlem Rennaisance. 2009. .
This article written by, provides a general overview of the evens that happened in the Harlem Renaissance, it is important in relation to the topic at hand, since it would

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