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Annotated Bibliography Cirino, Mark. “Hemingway's ‘Big Two-Hearted River' (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Organize the three best scholarly sources you’ve gathered so far by providing a bibliographic citation and an annotation for each one. The citations should be in MLA style, and each annotation should follow the template provided. (All the text in black you should use in each of your annotations; the text in blue you should replace with content relevant to each of your sources.) Be sure to list your sources in alphabetical order by author or, if an author is not available, by the first word of the bibliographic citation. The story is Big Two-Hearted River by Ernest Hemingway

Annotated bibliography
Cirino, Mark. “Hemingway’s ‘Big Two-Hearted River’: Nick’s Strategy and the Psychology of Mental Control.” Papers on Language & Literature 47.2 (2011): 115–140. Print.
“Hemingway's "Big Two-Hearted River": Nick's Strategy and the Psychology of Mental Control is a journal article aimed at scholars of medieval literature as well as people seeking academic fulfillments. Cirino argues that Nick Adama seeks to return to simplicity after his traumatic encounters in the World War 1. The author suggests that Hemingway’s was trying to replicate the veteran’s internal desire to achieve manageable simplicity. To make this claim, Cirino first presents a general analysis of the literature and then focuses on Nick’s self-treatment of his mental situation. The author compares the issue to contemporary matters where he reviews the case of New York Giants football professional Lawrence Taylor who battled withdrawal from drug addiction by spending long hours playing golf, an approach that the players say saved his life. To substantiate the thesis, Cirino asks if Nick’s strategy of returning to Michigan Woods of his youth gradually replaces his sentiments of the traumatic experience in the war with instantaneous effects of nature. While I find Cirino’s claim that experiencing the Michigan woods environment brings a healing effect for the character, it is convincing because he provides contemporary proof the reader can relate to. The most significant feature of the source for my project is the systematic review that offers clear examples making it understandable. While before encountering this source, I thought self-driven practices could not be linked to nature, now I think that nature experienced before an incident has a significant role in treating traumatic episodes. As I write my research project “Nick's Strategy and the Psychology of Mental Control” will be especially useful for developing a countering the dominant view that self-treatment of trauma is difficult for the victims.
Stewart, Matthew C. “Ernest Hemingway and World War I: Combatting Recent Psychobiographical Reassessments, Restoring the War.” Papers on Language and Literature 36.2...
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