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The Role of Religion (Annotated Bibliography Sample)

Please read the attachment carefully. Based on HST101%20AnnBib.pdf source..
The Role of Religion
Annotated Bibliography
Stark, R., & Glock, C. (1968).  HYPERLINK "" American piety: The nature of religious commitment. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press.
The work American piety; The nature of religious commitment was considered scholarly since in essence, it was published in the University of California Press, The press in this institution engages only in publishing scholarly works. The authors Stark and Glock were selected in their book, “American Piety: the nature of religious commitment”, Stark and Glock presents various dimensions of religion instead of the different orientations in these religions. This relates to how a person may portray his or her different characteristics of their religious aspects. In this book, Stark and Glocck popular typology analyses five different perspective of religion and these are: the intellectual, doctrinal, ethical, consequential, experiential and finally the ritual. This work was later subdivided by the authors especially in the section of the ritual perspective into public and devotional ritual. They further provided more clarification with regard to their distinction of their religion along several dimensions as not being typical of differentiating religious orientations.
Clarke, Peter B. (editor). “The Religions of the World: Understanding the Living Faiths” 1993. Marshall Editions Limited: USA pg. 208.
The work was considered scholarly since it was written by a professor. The author Clarke, is King’s College (London) based professor in the department of history and sociolog...
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