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Annotated Bibliography With Critical Preface: Obesity (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Part 1 ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY WITH CRITICAL PREFACE PURPOSE The annotated bibliography will get you started on the research paper by helping you to evaluate the credibility and accuracy of your sources, the connections between and among sources, and their usefulness for your chosen topic. Your goal is to establish credibility with your audience, demonstrating your understanding of your topic and its multiple viewpoints. In other words, a good annotated bibliography demonstrates that you have read and thought about your sources. ASSIGNMENT Topic is on Obesity Create an annotated bibliography with a critical preface that includes a minimum of 6 research sources. List your research sources alphabetically and according to MLA documentation standards. Your sources should include three scholarly journal articles and three popular magazine articles. ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY ENTRIES Include the MLA bibliographic information of the source (the title, author, publisher, date, etc.). Following the bibliographic information, include the following: • provide the major claim (thesis statement). • provide an explanation of how the author develops and supports the major claim and for what purpose. • explain how each source relates to other sources and/or debates. (i.e., commonalities and differences) • explain each source's usefulness to your topic or tentative thesis. CRITICAL PREFACE The critical preface for your annotated bibliography highlights your critical thinking and demonstrates the purposeful way that you conducted your research. You critical preface should include the following: • A contextual overview that shows the purpose of the annotated bibliography and suggests its value and significance for readers. • A motivating research question. • The compilation dates. • An overview of the number of items in the bibliography and the kinds of material included. Part 2 For eash source Please use the following and fill this worksheet out when Finding Reliable Information Using the CRAAP Test Name of Website: URL of Website: Directions: Use your judgment in allotting points for the various categories. Enter points and add up the points for the total score. RateSite 0-5 points CRAAP Test Criteria Currency


Critical Preface
Obesity is a prevalent problem in the current human world. Several cases of obesity are reported daily and the main challenge is that these cases are increasing every day. This annotated bibliography sort to find and bring together different sources that have explored the concept of obesity from different dimensions. The key guiding questions for this research included: What is the current status of obesity across the world? What are the contributing factors for the increased cases of obesity? How can the Health Belief Model be used in exploring obesity?
In exploring this concept I chose six sources out of which three of them are scholarly journal articles and three others are articles for magazines and organizations. All the sources are current in nature with the oldest being of the year 2009. They have been evaluated and proved to be very relevant to the research topic.
Annotated Bibliography: Obesity
Dedli Ozden, Fadiloglu Cicek & Kelimeler Anahtar. Development and Evaluation of the Health Belief Model Scale in Obesity. TAF Preventive Medicine Bulletin, 2011: 10(5)
The main aim of the authors was to develop a scale for measuring the Health Belief Model in evaluating the health beliefs and attitudes of obese individuals towards obesity. With a sample of 400 obese individuals the authors developed an obesity Questionnaire form and Health Belief Model Scale on Obesity (HBMSO). They collected the sociodemographic data and other characteristics of the obese individuals while at the same time they conducted interviews on the individual's beliefs and attitudes. SPSS was used to analyse the data. The findings indicated that HBMSO is a reliable and valid scale to measure the attitudes and beliefs of the obese individuals about obesity. This article is particularly important in exploring the Health Belief Model which is one of the standards of analysing sedentary diseases such as obesity. It will help me explore the concept of obesity from an attitude and a belief perspective. It complements the other articles with a totally new concept of the Health Belief Model hence giving my research a holistic view of the obesity problem in society.
Goode Rachel, Ye Lei, Zheng Yaguang, Ma Qianheng, Sereika M. Susan & Burke E. Lora. The Impact of Racial and Socioeconomic Disparities on Binge Eating and Self-Efficacy among Adults in a Behavioural Weight Loss Trial. National Association of Social Workers, 2016. doi: 10.1093/hsw/hlw032
The authors have argued that the prevalence of obesity is a big problem facing different racial and ethnic groups and those with low socioeconomic status. The authors have focused on the low self-efficacy, binge eating and psychosocial factors as the main hindrance among these groups in attaining health food consumption. They sampled 151 participants in a healthy lifestyle study examining the socioeconomic factors, binge eating and self-efficacy eating. Their study indicated that the non-white participants and those with fewer years of education resisted eating while food was readily available. However, compared to the white participants the non-white participants had more self-confidence to eat under social pressure than the white participants. The Weight Efficiency Lifestyle Questionnaire (WEL) increased for the non-white participants while the total scores for the whi

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