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The Unacknowledged Constitutional Crisis In Kenya: Kenya Election (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


I will upload a document that explain everything. Just follow the instructions on that file. And I will also upload a file that includes all the article links. There are totally 10. You are writing a summary and reflection paragraph on each link's article, for each article, write about 150 words. More specific explanation will be found on the file I upload. Please do not paraphrase or plagiarize from any sources, make sure is your own word.


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Kenya Election
Kamuru, Marilyn. The Unacknowledged Constitutional Crisis in Kenya. Elephant, 3 Nov, 2017, Accessed 20 November 2017.
According to Marilyn Kamuru, Kenya is already facing a political and a constitutional crisis. On August 8th, 2017, Kenya had its election and the Supreme Court nullified the presidential election results which indicated that the incumbent, Uhuru Kenyatta, had won. After the nullification, the executive and the legislative arms of the government took turns criticizing the ruling. The above statement forms the basis of the author's claim that the country could indeed be headed for a constitutional crisis. Kamuru juxtaposes the attacks on the Supreme Court with an executive that is out to dictate and direct the actions of an independent and constitutionally approved institution.
The author believes that the state organs need to act within their constitutional spheres of authority if the country is to survive this period. She concludes by asserting that the supremacy of the constitution needs to be reasserted and that the citizens need to insist on religious obedience of the constitution.
Kenya Election: Fake CNN and BBC News Reports Circulate. BBC, 29 July, Accessed 20 November 2017.
This article from the BBC details how fake news had been in circulation in Kenya before the country held its August 8th election. The article quotes a recent survey which claims that 90% of Kenyans have been consumers of fake news. The said news which are circulated via social media platforms most notably Facebook and WhatsApp are often from reputable sources like CNN and BBC. In another survey, Kenyans did express their concerns over fake news and even seem to agree that certain news stories were fake and deliberately misleading. The problem, as per the survey, is that a majority of the citizens seem to be getting their information from social platforms despite the survey also indicating that traditional media remains the most trusted source.
The intention is of course to sway voters towards one side but so far the polls indicate that no one can amass at least of the total votes cast even though Mr. Kenyatta and Mr. Odinga seem to be close.
Kenya's Repeat Election gets Green Light after Court Collapses. BBC, 25 Oct, Accessed 20 November 2017.
Kenya's Supreme Court was scheduled to make a ruling on whether the October 26th repeat elections should be held on 25th October. However, as per this article, the ruling was not made because the court collapsed. Apparently, only two of the seven Supreme Court Judges were present and therefore, the court did not have quorum. The judges had different reasons for missing their scheduled day in court with one Justice Philomena Mwilu failing to appear after her bodyguard was shot the day before the ruling was to be made. The country's election had attracted international attention but observers have been reducing their involvement.
The article also includes comments by Mr. Odinga who asked his supporters to boycott the election while also transforming Nasa into a resistance movement. While the opposition finds the lack of quorum mischievous and non-coincidental, the government moved ahead and declared Wednesday a national holiday so as to allow people to travel and vote.
Kenya Election: Poll Body Delays Re-run by Nine Days. BBC, 21 Sept, 2017, http://www....

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