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Do Legal Controls Leave Enough Space for Freedom of Expression? (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


The topic is The Effect of Social Media, and we try to set up regulation to reduce the effect of social media, so basically, sources are going to be about social media regulation. like how we regulate it, or the consequence of setting up those kinds of regulation... can be something like that.
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Rowbottom, Jacob. "Crime and Communication: Do Legal Controls Leave Enough Space for Freedom of Expression?" In Mangan, David, and Lorna Gillies (Eds). The Legal Challenges of Social Media, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2017.
This paper discusses the significance of social media in the legal processes. The author demonstrates how easy it is for expressions and social media postings to be targeted and subject to criminal investigation. A myriad of laws including those designed in regulating public order, nuisance telephone calls and harassment continue to be applied in social media and other internet speech. Whereas there exist limits to the freedom of expression and the law protects such freedoms, abuses and harassment on social media is never tolerated and infringes the rights and freedoms of others. In other cases, laws and regulations can be invoked against social media users political views such as extremists political views that can cause division. Therefore, this paper exemplifies several areas in which authorities and internet speech regulate social media platforms is curtailed by law.
Ring, Caitlin Elizabeth. "Hate speech in social media: An exploration of the problem and its proposed solutions." (2013)
This paper explores various instances of hate speech on social media, the freedom of speech as protected in the First Amendment and U.S. Supreme Court precedent and the mandate of the current U.S. hate speech and Internet regulations and relevant jurisprudence. While free speech is protected in the US constitution, there is no provision for hate speech and limits to free speech are well defined. This paper proposes various approaches that can be used in limiting and regulating online hate speech and several solutions and recommendations given, within the framework and constraints established under the First Amendment. Self-regulation by various social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram has been hailed as a critical step towards social media regulation and fight against hate speech.
Rosen, Jeffrey. "The Delete Squad: Google, Twitter, Facebook and the New Global Battle over the Future of Free Speech". The New Republic, 2013,
This article explores various measures proposed and established by social media companies in bid to regulate internet speech. While policy makers in these social media companies, including Google, Twitter, and Facebook, have nothing against free speech, they are primarily concerned about the balkanization of the Internet that continues to create division and hate among internet users. The article explores and examines various issues raised by policy teams regarding content policy and how to regulate uploaded content. Various issues pointing to self-regulation and the increase in the adoption of perfect screening systems, and the use of algorithm to predict the nature of content have been raised in this article. This article articulates the power of social media, free speech and its regulation within the US constitutional standards.
Fagan, Frank. "Systemic Social Media Regulation." Duke Law & Technology Review 16.1 (2018): 393-439.
The interests of social media platforms always overshadow those of the government in a bid to increase the profits, improve their corporate image, increase their user capacity and fit in various legal environments. Conversely, governments are fundamentally concerned in promoting free speech for the citizens, promoting e-commerce businesses, deterring online hate speech and disrupting possible pro-terrorism activities on the internet. This paper addresses the systematic approa...

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