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Social class, family, and life-style factors (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


can you describe key points and including a critical evaluation of the strengths and limitation of the study. plz see upload file for the article

Jacoby03-Peruvian obesity

An annotated Bibliography
Jacoby, E, et al 2003, “Social Class, Family, and Life style Factors Associated with Overweight and Obesity Among Adults in Peruvian Cities”, Preventive Medicine, Vol.37, pp.396-405
In the Journal, it is stated that Latin America is experiencing a major problem of obesity which is associated with socioeconomic boundaries. It is a major problem associate with morbidity and mortality associated with heart diseases, cancers, and diabetes. The article addresses key factors which are related to overweight such as social class, life-style, and family. Key points reflected in the article include the prevalence rate of obesity in Peru which ranges from 10 to 15% in males and females (Jacoby, et al, 2003, p.397). This was reached at by considering various measurements such as anthropometric and socioeconomic. Major attributes related to overweight include excess television viewing without physical exercise, environmental, social, environmental, and lifestyle. Urban development and diversification of social factors are considered as risk of obesity in men and women.
Another major issue in relation to this article is about the strengths and limitations of the study. The study is critical as it addresses one of the major problems affecting people in Peru. The study provides a clear picture in relation to statistical analysis as is represented by SES and BMI. It is a major outstanding study whereby various statistical approaches such as covariance, variance, or multinomial logistic regression are used. The study also gives results which reflect the true position in regard to evolutions about matters of importance affecting the Peruvian cities. Major Peruvian cities such as periurban Parcona, Santa Luzmina and Arequipa are considered to be the worst affected (Jacoby, et al, 2003, p.402). However, the study has certain limitations in that it does not provide ...
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